The Cat Says. . .

It's hot.

Also, I do not like chemo very much.
It makes me tiiiiiiiired.
But, it might help,
and hey, as long as it's slipped into a little bit of grilled hamburger,
down the hatch it goes.

On a more serious note, Memorial Day at the Maiden Aunt homefront makes us recall the cousin we never met, Jack G., who died while serving in WWII, and we want to express our gratitude for those who gave their lives--may they rest in peace--and to all who currently put their lives on the line so that we are free, God bless you and keep you safe, and bless those who worry about you every day.


ccr in MA said…
Carlos agrees about the heat. At one point yesterday, he jumped off the window perch (which is "heated" but doesn't get very hot) and just flopped down on the floor. And he hasn't been complaining when I close the windows and go to a/c during the day (we've still been able to window it at night).

We all send our sympathies on the chemo. Hope it helps!
Kate P said…
CCR--Aw, thank you for the well wishes. We are starting up again after about a week off per doctor's instructions.
Isn't it almost comical the way cats flatten themselves out on the floor? "So hot. . . must spread out!" If I could leave the sliding door open at night we'd benefit from the windows; sometimes it really sucks to live on the ground floor.
Rob said…
What a sweetheart. I hope the chemo helps.
Kate P said…
Rob--I will pass along the kind words to her! :)

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