Feline Probiotics: Might As Well Try Them

I totally forgot that during our phone conversation yesterday, the vet mentioned giving The Cat some probiotics. . . until I got to the animal hospital today to pick up The Cat's steroids (she's got a 50% ingestion rate on those but it's better than zero) and saw the probiotics were in the bag as well.

For myself, I have a pretty regular course of probiotics (soy/coconut milk yogurt, GoodBelly drinks--love those little "shot" thingies) thanks to last September's stay in the hospital. It does help with digestion, so why not some for The Cat who is not having the easiest time with that lately?

As you can see, it comes in packets (like Sweet 'n' Low!) and you're supposed to mix it in their food. I didn't want to chance it with Miss Picky, who already was snubbing her dinner. . . yet, she still was begging for something, so I poured her a little bit of cream and mixed in half a packet.

SLURP! ((Empty plate.))

She did seem a wee bit perkier later, and as I'm plugging my laptop back into the AC adapter cord at my desk, I can see that her dinner bowl on the kitchen floor is semi-empty. At the moment, she is in her usual spot atop the cabinets, catching the breeze. It got a little warm in here and I'm trying to wait until tomorrow to put on the air conditioner.

Maybe there's a slight chance I won't be suffocated by the litterbox as I'm trying to sleep tomorrow morning.

A very tired pet owner can hope.


ccr in MA said…
Oh, I hope it helps! Fingers and paws crossed here.
Dave E. said…
Good luck with the probiotics. With the other meds and stuff you never know what impact they might have with her digestion, so it's a thing to at least try.
Annie Coe said…
I think I may need some probiotics.
Good luck with the kitty, hope that it helps. xoxo
Kate P said…
CCR--yeah, I think they are helping! Hooray!

Dave--I was wondering if the steroids were doing a number on her, too, so yeah, good thinking.

Annie--it couldn't hurt! Give them a try.

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