And Again, More Later

But first I think I need another short nap. One wasn't enough after last night, when I arrived home from trivia and thought it was The End.

It wasn't.

But I hardly slept last night and had the joy of taking a second trip to the vet in a week this afternoon.

At the moment, I think The Cat has the right idea--she is sleeping atop the kitchen cabinets (sans glowering) for the first time in days (so hooray for normal-ness)--and I am going to have a lie-down on the sofa.

More later when I can keep my eyes open.


Sara said…
Poor wee kitty. Hang in there. She's lucky to have you.
Kate P said…
Thanks, Sara. We're trying. I just want to be as good to her as she's been to me. I just don't know if that means just let her be or what, right now.

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