It's an Audio/Video Kind of Day

I never should have looked at the Target ad tacked up on the bulletin board before I went inside.

No, sir, I should've just walked in, gone straight back to the storage bins (needed just one more to stash my winter clothes away), then on to the cleaning products aisle for Lysol, dinky marketplace for The Cat's beloved turkey slices, and finally checkout and straight back out the door.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World for $5.99?

Despicable Me for $9.99?

Resistance was futile. Those are the two movies that made me laugh the hardest in the past several months. It's like buying medicine. For my soul.

Oh, and there was a Spin Magazine must-hear special-edition mag/CD sampler thingy for $4.99. Not thrilled that one CD has Mumford & Sons (sorry, Lindsay, but--blehhhhh); however, Matt & Kim cancels that out. Kind of ridiculous that I got it, considering the CD tray on my stereo died, but I actually have two CD players in the bedroom--one is on my clock/radio/CD player (obviously) and one is the "boombox" I later acquired when my mom found still in its packaging while cleaning out a closet. So at least I can listen to something cool while I'm packing away my sweaters. And the sooner I clean this place up, the sooner I move that new stereo in. That's the deal I've made with myself.

Finally, for your enjoyment (I hope), Yellowcard Covers Katy Perry. I have always liked Yellowcard--"Ocean Avenue" is one of my faves--and besides that, I am a sucker for strings.


Pammy pam said…
despicable me was really cute. i wanted to hate it. but i loved it.
Kate P said…
That's funny--I was embarrassed to admit how much I loved it. . . until I boldly told my sister and she said she loved it too! We quoted lines to each other on e-mail for days.

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