Cat doesn't want to eat or take her meds.

I might or might not have to choose what team to be on at trivia tonight.

I have something like a hundred phone calls to make about jobs and household stuff.

School's over but I keep having bad dreams about it. (I'm hoping that's the cough medicine for the cold I can't seem to shake.)

I'm going to go for a walk in the park. More later.


Anonymous said…
Aw :( I hope the walk in the park helps bring a little happy into your day!
Sara said…
Poor kitty. Can a compounding pharmacy make it into treats? Ours love medicine made into cat treats. I think the unmedicated kitties are jealous.

As for bad dreams... I still have them about high school! Remember the rotating schedule for classes? I'm always back there, can't remember my locker combination and can't remember what day it is in the rotation and where I need to be. At least yours are from within, oh, the current decade.
Rob said…
Sorry about your cat, Kate. Their appetites are very mysterious to me.
Kate P said…
Angela--thank you. It was pretty nice outside. Now it's clouding up so maybe I beat the rain!

Sara--thanks. She doesn't even want treats! She just turns her nose up at EVERYTHING. It looks like a buffet on my kitchen floor.
I'm already apologizing to her in advance because the window on going without steroids is closing and I'm going to have to pill her. At least I got her claws trimmed yesterday.

Rob--It is totally a mystery. She licked a little egg salad off my finger at lunch today. WEIRD.
Kate P said…
BTW I still have high school nightmares before really anxiety-inducing events. Like last September I dreamed I missed the bus.
ccr in MA said…
Sometimes I dream that I'm back in school but I can't read something I need to, and I realize I don't have my contacts in or my glasses with me. it's an awful feeling!

Best wishes for the cat thing. Mystery wrapped in an enigma? Cats do it on purpose. Like they're pesky and annoying when you're home, then go all sweet and cuddlesome just as you have to leave. For example.
Dave E. said…
All you can do is try regarding the cat's appetite, Kate. I'm afraid I can't give you much help when it comes to that. Assuming that you've tried bacon, of course.

I get the anxiety dreams too, and there's no telling what they will be about. The common factor is I can't shake them during the night. If I wake up, I slide right back into them when I go back to sleep. It really sucks.
Kate P said…
CCR--not being able to read? That IS a nightmare! Thanks for the well wishes with The Cat. I'm still baffled but happy that now the mystery has swung in the other direction.

Dave--Bacon! Great idea! I bought some* tonight and I plan to cook it up tomorrow.
Yeah, I've had those pause-button type of nightmares, too. Brains are as mysterious as pets' appetites.

*O.K., 3 packs, but it was a good deal on organic nitrate-free Applegate Farms Sunday Bacon at BJ's. Can't resist the deal. Bacon freezes well enough.

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