The Good News First

The good news from Tuesday was that only one team's worth of people showed up, so I didn't have to choose which team to join, which was the problem from last week.

Also, proving once again that I am a font of useless knowledge, I got a bit pushy during the theme round: Cartoon Characters and their Voices. There we were with ten pictures of cartoon characters and a bank of names (no celebrity cameos here), so it was a matching challenge.

Another team member and I put our heads together and in no time we had eight of them settled. (My Mtv fave Daria was there, so I felt useful.) I suspect our friend Nightfly will get a kick out of the next part.

It all came down to Yogi--the old school bear--and Bender.

There were two unused names in the bank. We asked if anyone had any thoughts on the matter, but everyone else pretty much said they'd go with our judgment. My teammate, who had the pen, wrote the names in one way, and it just didn't sit right with me.

Now, I usually don't speak up if something looks wrong and I can't provide a reason I think it's wrong. There have been quite a few times where I just felt something was a different answer and it turned out to be right, but I couldn't have argued for it. In this case, though, I thought I just might have a reason.

You don't get a lot of time during each round, and sometimes the longer you take, the more likely (1) you'll talk yourself out of the right answer, and (2) another team could pick up on what you're talking about. So I had to make the argument quickly.

"Daws Butler is a name I've seen around for a long time. I really think he's Yogi," I ventured, albeit a little timidly.

A couple other teammates also joined in the discussion, and I just added that I'd seen the name in a lot of places, and I just thought the answers should be the other way around. We're always hesitant to change things once they're written down; usually, it's best to go with your first answer.

Then I got bold. "It'll be my head if it's wrong." So everyone else shrugged and the names got changed. It was a risky move, but I really felt strongly about it.

And it paid off. The host came over to the bar to refresh his drink, and we handed him our answer sheet. "Are these right?"

He scanned it and said, "Yeah, it looks right. Granted, I'm saying this without my answer key in front of me, but I think they're all right." Yogi Bear is voiced by Daws Butler and Bender is voiced by John DiMaggio. (Warning: Bender clip contains vulgarity.)

Perfect round--which means we get a little prize like a t-shirt. I think we might have tied with another team, but we picked the number closer to the one the host was thinking.

The team handed the shirt to me.

We got just one wrong in the next and final round (what, all those Creed songs sound alike in snippet form), so we wound up winning the whole game.

I didn't have to get up early the following morning, so I stayed after a bit to talk to my teammates. Two of them are a couple who just put in an offer on a house. I'm excited for them.

When I got home, though, the second I opened the door I knew something was wrong.


ccr in MA said…
Well, congrats on the t-shirt, and trusting the instincts, but now I'm worried!
Kate P said…
Oh please, don't worry. I'm trying not to. She's still here!
Pammy pam said…
yay for brains!
Dave E. said…
Sounds like fun with the trivia. You obviously earned the prize that night. I hope the cat steadies down into a good state.
Kate P said…
Pam--Right on! :)

Dave--It was fun. Even if that one teammate's a little bit of a jerk sometimes. Thanks for the well wishes with the cat. I've known it's gonna be good days and bad days for a while now, but that was the first really bad day.

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