"Buy a Lottery Ticket? Bet on Horses?"

That was Younger Sister's response after I sent her a text message reporting on today's (belated) Father's Day trip to the local casino:

Me: Not only did I get CARDED but I also am 50 bucks up!

YS: That's a good day!

Me: Yeah, I don't know what to do next...

Hence her response. The weird thing is, I had the number 2203 come up twice last Sunday--once at the bookstore where I got my autographed copies of Maureen Johnson's books (ooh, I didn't tell that story yet, either) and then right next door at the pet food place. So maybe I will try a lottery ticket with those numbers. (For fun! "Benefits Older Pennsylvanians," ya know.) However, I searched and found that the following day it came up boxed (3220) on the midday drawing, so maybe the moment passed already! Oh well.

My real finale for the day was to go to Book Club. I'll be reporting on that in the next day or so over at my other blog, but as a teaser: I wound up having to return to the hostess's house a few minutes after getting back to my parents' for post-club coffee and analysis.

Strange days for me lately.


ccr in MA said…
I assume that if that number had won millions of dollars, the tone of your writing about it would be a little different, so I won't even commiserate. Interesting that the numbers came up!
Angela Noelle said…
That's kind of nuts that those numbers did actually come up! I say put it in an interest bearing savings account, HA! I'm such a risk taker ;)
Kate P said…
CCR--nah, boxed (whatever way the numbers show up) gets you $100. If 2203 comes up, I'd get $2500, so maybe I will play. . . but I just don't know how people buy tickets day after day, hoping their numbers will come up.

Angela--eh, interest is so low it would just make me mad to pay taxes on the piddly little interest.
I bought some pricier hair and makeup products I've been going without for a while now. That was a treat!

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