Not Exactly What I Planned to Blog Today

I've been a little out of sorts all day, because I was awakened by an event not unlike #5 on this list (two years ago already! Wow!) at 1:30 this morning. I was awakened by the growling, but as I was getting out of bed to check on the Cat she let out her rarely-used, high-decibel bloodcurdling scream.

When I peeked behind the curtain to see if anything was on the patio--all the while the Cat is still grumbling and my heart is pounding--I found no four-legged creature there. My guesses:

(a) another cat who was not stalking-ly in love with her (unlike the 2008 visitor);

(b) something of the scavenger variety (raccoon, possum--but not squirrel/chipmunk/mouse, because she silently hunts those);

(c) a big dumb deer who wandered across from the courtyard. (Hey, it could happen.)

So after I reassured the cat that everything was O.K., I stumbled back to bed and waited for my pulse to settle down. . . all the while fuming at the Cat for interrupting the beautiful dream I was having in which I was cooking breakfast with Matt Bomer.

Yeah, I said cooking breakfast. Pretty friggin' hot, right?

Uhhhh. . . no.

I'm beginning to think that G-rated fantasies might mean I need to get away for a while. Or that the universe needs to take pity on a single gal.


Anonymous said…
Cooking breakfast fantasy. I like it. Chaste and delicious haha.
Anonymous said…
Oh man, I HATE it when my dogs start growling and barking at the window or door. Even if there really is nothing there, it still freaks me out!
Kate P said…
Christine--hi and welcome! I woke up before I got to eat breakfast, so I was totally bummed out!!!

Angela--now you have me wondering if Cat saw a ghost or something. . . ooooo. . .
Dave E. said…
Sammy only had a few of those howl in the middle of the night moments, but they each scared the heck out of me. Talk about zero to sixty in no time flat. If there ever really was someone out there, I never saw them.
nightfly said…
Guard cat! Awesome.

Sorry you didn't actually get to eat your breakfast.
Kate P said…
I was a little worried the dudes wouldn't want to comment on this post! We've got some manly men here.

Dave--startling, isn't it? You wonder if the volume of their noise just SHATTERED whatever was "out there."

'Fly--oh, yes, she's the neighborhood watchcat. I should tell her she owes me breakfast, but it just wouldn't be the same. Sigh.
Lynn said…
Hey, breakfast dreams imply hotness the previous evening! Thanks for dropping by my BLAHg earlier this week.
Kate P said…
Hi, Lynn! I hadn't thought of it that way. . . it was the morning after "White Collar" was on, so I guess that could've been the previous evening's activity. :)

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