Might Be Something. . . Might Be Nothing

I thought it a little odd when I phoned my parents at about 8:45 to ask Mom about a cake I had in the oven that wouldn't bake (seriously, it was still soupy in the middle after 30 minutes; I think the temperature was misprinted in the recipe) and no one answered.  Then again, Dad tends to ignore the call waiting if he's on the phone, and then he forgets to check messages afterwards.  I needed to make a decision about the cake, so I didn't bother to leave a message.

About an hour later, my dad called me.  Apparently his main goal was to talk to me about tomorrow's responsorial psalm for Mass, but he led with, "We've got the three little ones here because [SIL] went to the hospital earlier today."


She's had to monitor her blood pressure during each pregnancy, and it seems the readings were too high today, so she had to go in.  On top of that, she's had problems with her back for a few weeks now, which is why she missed my cousin's wedding.  That probably did not help things.

Supposedly the baby is due in January, but for whatever reason my SIL is notorious for having wrong due dates.  The baby sounds developed enough to be O.K. with an early arrival if need be, but let's hope things go as well as possible.  The kiddos seem to be doing all right at my parents' so far, but it's been only half a day.  If it doesn't have to get dragged out a long time for the family's sake, that would be very good.

I'd be grateful for any prayers you can spare for my SIL and the little one.



Solitary Diner said…
Hoping that all goes well and that the baby stays (safely) put for a while longer.
ccr in MA said…
Oh, yikes. Hoping that all works out for the best.
Annie Coe said…
Prayers and love sent. All is well.
Kate P said…
Thank you, all of you. Looks as if we'll have a little-little one soon.

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