Oh, You Know--the Same Old Stuff

1. I have no idea what I'm going to wake up to in terms of the weather tomorrow morning. We seem to be right on that snow/ice line, and all I know is that I don't want to spend a hour doing a scary drive watching other cars slide sideways down the street like I did last Wednesday morning. (Only to have an early dismissal a few hours later.)
Oh, and the parking lot where I live is already a skating rink in several spots and has lost several spaces to piles of snow. Let's just take a torch to it all.

2. The Cat wound up over-treated for her hyperthyroidism, and I had to cut her medicine in half. Now she's, well, "consternated." I never thought I'd have to stress over that. I feel a bit pathetic begging her to "go potty." At least she hasn't puked or made-a-statement on my comforter lately.

3. At the end of the school day today, I got an e-mail from the assistant principal regarding changes to the schedule. The kids switch their foreign language classes mid-year (from French to Spanish, and vice versa); however, the Spanish teacher for the younger kids (including my 4th graders) is only part time and has limited availability. That means Art and Library have to get switched around, of course.
I feel bad for the kids and am slightly dreading how they will deal with a new schedule. Not to mention I'm fairly PO'd that now I have a class right after recess/lunch duty on Friday. . . and it's a third of the 4th graders I just told not to scream and leave trash on the tables in the cafeteria.

4. Tonight I was surprised by a Green Screen of Death on my TV. I've had this TV for what, a year? I guess I will mess with the cables and settings tomorrow. . . especially if school is closed.

5. It is only Monday and it feels as if today was a whole week in itself! But it can't be--it's Catholic Schools Week and the madness has only just begun. My school isn't listed there, but you get a pretty good idea of the special events that are canceling my classes and getting the students all riled up!

Woo. Hoo.


Sorry, Wrong. . . Door?

Some of you might be aware that many of us in the Northeastern U.S. spent last night getting tons of snow dumped on us.

I myself was winding down the day around 10 p.m. and about to leave the living room to get ready for bed (to be rested for that 6 a.m. "we don't have school" automated phone call) when I heard a scraping noise coming from outside my patio door.

Thinking it was a snowplow in the driveway, I started to walk to the patio door to draw back the curtain a bit--but then I heard knocking on the glass, startling me. I pulled the curtain open, and there's a 20-something guy standing there with a surprised look on his face.

Now, some of my fellow ground floor neighbors use their patio doors for easier access--it lets them and their guests bypass the lobby doors, for one thing. I don't use mine that way. Security reasons, but also my gosh the stuff you can track in entering that way. But whatever. This guy's car was parked right at the curb (in the fire lane) and it appeared he had walked right up the lawn, between two larger planters in the barrier row of several planters that management had offered to appease me after ripping out all the landscaping that gave me a little privacy and kept kids off my patio.

But not this guy, who obviously was having a bad night already because he had to drive in the steady snow that was rapidly accumulating on his parked car.

Him: "Oh, wrong door!"

Me: "Uh, yeah!"

Him: "Sorry"--and he ran off my patio and headed for the patio of my next-door 20-something dude neighbors.

You would've thought the fact that he had to yank open the latched screen door would've tipped him off I wasn't expecting him. And it would've been nice if he'd made up for scaring the living daylights out of me by putting it back before dashing off.

Those guys next door need to put something identifying on their patio door.

Or teach their friends (at least I hope it was a friend and not a weed dealer or something) how to count the right number of patios over from the front door.


Your Interesting Statistic for the Day

Need parking for Super Bowl Sunday?

$990 will get you a spot.

In the lot of the Jack in the Box across the street from the stadium.

(Via today's
Wall Street Journal.)


Go See "The King's Speech"

I actually got out for some recreation this weekend and saw The King's Speech with a friend who's a former co-worker. From several jobs ago. Anyway, the movie was fantastic, and it was kinda nice being on the younger end of the (packed) audience--none of that annoyingly distracting glow of people who can't stop checking their stupid cell phones. (Although I did see a couple older-ish people struggle for a moment with silencing their phones.)

It was one of those films where I was standing there watching the credits and yammering about the actors--and some wise stranger jumps in with an interesting tidbit about the movie or the actors or whatever. I love that stuff.

Excellent cast, wonderful screenplay, staging, etc. Highly recommended.


Seriously, Something Has Got to Change

The funeral was lovely, my great-aunts (both the "outlaw" and the nun) are holding up well, and although it was a sucky reason to get together, it was good to see a bunch of relatives I haven't seen in a while. Not to mention it was a bit surprising to be greeted with so many "rock star" or "superstar" comments relating to my appearance on TV.

But d***ed if I wasn't asked repeatedly about my dating life by my doting Pop-Pop* and wonderfully well-meaning uncles.

(*Oh yeah, there also was the out of the blue question about if I'd "thought about entering the convent." Bless his heart. He's 89, so I spared him the "You couldn't pay me enough to live with a bunch of women" discussion. Or that I would hope I hadn't been oblivious to "the call" for a good fifteen years or whatever.)



Oh, the stories I want to tell you. . .

--about how I spent New Year's Eve and the cool fireworks and the nice Marine who helped my mom and me not get trampled (he was married so don't go there, but YES it does make me think I wouldn't mind dating a nice single Marine)

--how much FUN it was going back to school and dealing with kids who were not ready to come back and virtually impossible to teach

--The Cat's new behaviors after two weeks on medication

--most likely a report on the ladies' book club meeting tonight because I picked the title and I am afraid some people will haaaate it (and by transference, me)

. . . but all that has to wait, because this week is totally screwed up. I was at a (pretty good) educator workshop today, school will be crazy tomorrow because there's imminent snow, and I most likely will be attending a funeral Thursday after I dig myself out Wednesday, because my Great-uncle R. (UPDATE: he was one-half of the the anniversary couple mentioned here just about six months ago) passed away over the weekend. Arrrrrgh.

Lousy timing. And did I mention I don't like Winter very much???


Blogiversary, Unresolutions, 2010 Review

I think my blogiversary was a couple weeks ago. Let's see how I did with my "unresolutions" with a bit of the past year in review at the same time.

1. Cooking experimentation. Well, I did a few things, but after getting sick in Aug./Sept., I've sort of been struggling with the new orders. Guess I'll just keep trying.

2. Growing in my new profession. Hmm. I don't know if losing my job--I beg your pardon, finishing out a LTS position and failing to gain the permanent one that opened up--and then starting a new one is growing much. I have yet to attend a professional conference, so maybe I can do that this year. And then figure out where the heck I'm headed.

3. Staying in one place. Done. Staying for another year, mostly because it's cheaper and less hassle than moving. They're raising my rent only $4/month (right on the edge of four-digit rent!). Still hoping those rude people upstairs (and their little dog, too) leave soon. Or that stupid vacuum cleaner they love running at 10:30 at night blows up in their faces.

4. Maintaining my hairstyle. For the most part, yeah, I did. Except that I tried highlights in June and they were wonderful. Got a refresher in August, and even in November I was getting compliments from my sister on them, but now they're getting kind of "root-y" and although I don't want highlights in winter, I need to do something. My hairstylist did send me a 10% off postcard, and I did get a little cash for Christmas, so I think I'll see what she can do this month.

5. Blogging. It's my hope I've been interesting this past year to my dear blogreaders. The Cinematherapy Project got a bit too cumbersome to continue, and frankly it didn't develop as well as I'd hoped.
The adventures will continue, I assure you, even if I'm not sure how I'm going to top auditioning for a game show, being hospitalized, visiting the West Coast, and finding out there's something wrong with The Cat.

What I talking about? I still have mixed feelings about my job. I also haven't dated anyone since (OMG!) March 2008, despite any attempts made by myself or any other well-intentioned people.

Of course I'll have more adventures, then!