The Only Exception

As many Catholics in the blogosphere know, one way to make a combox blow up is to start talking about women's wear.  A lot of these posts get kinda ugly, so I'd like to point out a recently refreshing and rather enjoyable one by Seraphic over at the Seraphic Singles blog: Retire the Jumper.

Ah, jumpers.  I would never wear one nowadays, but you know what? I really, really loved the one I wore back in the day as a kiddo.

I mean, Snoopy is always in fashion, right?

The ONLY time Younger Sister ever wanted to emulate me. Even down to the shoes!



Pammy pam said…
would love to see you in that snoopy jumper now.
Kate P said…
[Blog admin's note: Apparently Blogger hates AngelaNoelle, so I have to put up her comment this way. Anyone else having problems?]

From AngelaNoelle:

"What adorable little girls!! In that photo you look an awful lot like a little girl I babysit--I had to do a double take to check what website I was on!"
Kate P said…
Pam--Yeah, I don't think they make those in grown-up sizes. But then again, finding something like that on Etsy wouldn't surprise me!

Angela--I look like everybody someone knows. I know this. I am often mistaken for other people on a regular basis!
But thank you. I'd like to think I was cute for a little while. My sister is young enough there that she still has the huge Cindy-Lou-Who eyes she had as a baby. But, uh, she's much better about brushing her hair now. :)

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