If Hell Is One Unending Staff Meeting, Then Purgatory Must Be Phone Tag.

Managed to get out the door of school at about 12:15-ish, picked up a water and some pretzels at the store because I was near fainting, and then made the call.

Voice mail.

I left my cell phone number in case I was en route to my parents' or the wedding for which I was singing. . . and lo and behold, after the wedding, at about 5:15, I checked my phone at there was a missed call from 3:56 p.m.

Too bad I had the courtesy to set my phone to "silent" before entering church at 3:45.

I did return the call and leave a message, anyway, but most likely I'll be in the dark until Monday.

Maybe a trip to the gym and some laundry will take my mind off it.



ccr in MA said…
Oh, that sucks. It has to be over a weekend, doesn't it? Ugh. Best of luck getting through the weekend!
Solitary Diner said…
May I suggest eating unhealthy food and drinking as a better way to get it off your mind? Hope all goes well when you finally do get the call.
Kate P said…
CCR--Yes, totally annoying timing. Thanks! :)

S.D.--Thanks! I had a glass of wine at dinner, and microwaved a couple s'mores tonight. (That was after the gym.)

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