So Here's What You Need to Know

About the vague previous post, I mean. Now I can talk (and breathe--then again, maybe not--but more on that later.)

Remember the screening interview (#3 under "Work")?.  Well, they did call me back for another interview.  "Call" isn't the right word--they do everything through a website, so I got an e-mail.  Anyway, I had do a lot of maneuvers to get myself to it, as the only times offered were that Tuesday afternoon, and while their school was closed, mine wasn't.  I had a class to teach.  I did try calling to explain my circumstances, but they weren't budging on the date/time, which I'm sure was the best option for them in light of the school closure.

Fortunately, I got the class covered by my co-librarian--who normally has a class at the same time, but coincidentally her students were on a field trip!--and was granted the afternoon off.  I ran home and ate lunch with a very confused Cat who seemed annoyed that I was interfering with her schedule.  So then I suited up and hit the road.

Really nice school, really nice administrators.  While I was waiting, I commiserated with the attendance administrator about how school feels wrong without the kids there.  I don't know how they'd feel about a non-sporty person like me, what with all the trophies displayed proudly in the administrative offices, but I'd like to think there's a place for me.

This was like a nine-minute screening (only with different people), so I answered my best and thanked everyone on the way out.  As I left, I held the door open for someone coming in--someone who was dressed up.  Shoot.  The mind games start up, you know?  She looks more professional/seasoned/knowledgeable/qualified than me.  Try to forget about hearing from them for a week, or two or three. . .

That was Tuesday.  Today, after a miserable too-long, too-stressful day (including late staff meeting!), I finally got home after six--and made The Cat wait (loudly and angrily) for her dinner because there was a voice mail message from the head of HR on my home phone.  Asking me to call back.

I figure they are asking for something (updated security clearances, choice of references, maybe?) because they are checking me out as a viable candidate.

Because if they were rejecting me, they'd just drop a form letter in the mail, right?


Somebody hold me.  Or if you can't hold me, leave something reassuring in the comments.



Dave E. said…


No, seriously. Right.

It doesn't mean you're in, just that you made one cut and that's a good sign. Now go get prepared for round two. :)
ccr in MA said…
If they weren't calling before, then calling now is for sure a good sign. Not necessarily a when-can-you-start call, but at least one hurdle jumped. Yay!
Anonymous said…
I think it's most definitely a call back ;) Good luck!!!
Kate P said…
Dave--Got it. (It's really round 3.)

CCR--no, no calls; everything was done online. We shall see!

Angela--thank you! (I can't top your good news, though.)

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