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Man, I have missed writing posts and hearing from from all you wonderful blogreaders.  Well, let's get right down to it, then.


1. It's still there.  I survived the crazy major event stuff--O.K., I'm still annoyed that one parent thought it was a good idea to bring the energetic toddler sibling and put shoes on the kid that squeaked with every step taken so no one could hear the questions (WTH???)--but now it's back to the crazy "can-you-do-us-a-favor" stuff like take on an annual project someone else normally does but has been on leave for months, photo days left and right in the library for various things, oh and chasing down those rascals who still haven't handed in their work so you can not fail them on their mid-trimester reports which are right around the corner.

2. Side work: Of course, the part-time job for which I applied is still a possibility. . . as long as they let me interview on the day before I possibly have jury duty.  (Please don't penalize me for not being available on two of the three days you want to interview! It's not my fault I want to be a good citizen!)

3. Possible new work: I had one screening interview last week, and it seemed to go well.  Of course, then I was informed there were three more rounds of interviewing and that they wouldn't be contacting anybody probably until the end of the month, so I have to put it as far from my mind as possible.  Seems reasonable.
Also, one of my cousins who went to L.A. with me said that some teachers where he used to teach are being offered retirement packages, and that I should keep an eye out in case their librarian decides to retire.  Not holding my breath (any more than usual, anyway) but I gladly accept tips from anywhere.
But basically it's as if there's nothing going on.


1. Got sick on my bed tonight after being less than perky yesterday.  Except for when the thousand-legger skittered by on the living room floor.  (It's hot out and that's when the bugs come in to hang around.) But other than that she was lying around, either on top of the kitchen cabinets or next to my chair as I'm using the laptop.

2. Based on #1, I'd say the experiment in my administering steroid injections every other night is not doing the job.  I know the doctor wasn't crazy about the depo-steroid-shots, because they were not lasting half as long as they should, but I got used to poo-free bedding.  Seriously, I was so used to her going just in the litterbox that I couldn't figure out why the very bad smell was still around even after I scooped the litterbox.  Or, you know, why The Cat dashed out of my bedroom and then squished herself into the "I don't feel well" corner of the living room.

3. Also, I think The Cat secretly cheered when she made me accidentally stick myself with the syringe Saturday night.  (Good thing I didn't hit the plunger or there'd be an asterisk next to my name.  At least in the Cat Care Hall of Fame.)  I know my finger's more sensitive than the scruff of her neck, but if it hurt even half as much, then I feel really bad hurting her.  Ugh.  So there's a phone call to the vet that will be taking place in the morning.


1.  I am tenuously hanging on to a five-pound weight loss.  Doesn't sound like much, but it gets me to about where I was when I got out of the hospital, I think.  I just really want to get back in decent shape and be able to do a class like pilates or yoga without being exhausted or suffering from bad intestinal spasms.  Easier said than done, but I want a slightly more defined waistline again someday.  (Also makes interview suits easier to wear.)  It's just that the stress is not helping.

2.  (Spoiler alert) I really tried to stick with How I Met Your Mother, but trying to make me feel sorry for a character who knowingly chooses to date a stripper but feels jealous/sad/whatever when she's at work is the last straw.  If it's expected that viewers be that easily manipulated, then count this insulted gal out.  I don't care about this story line, which shouldn't even be a main story line.  I'll just go back and watch reruns of better episodes and try to forget how badly the final season is ending.

Off to get some beauty sleep for those photos. 



Annie Coe said…
Sounds like there is a lot of stress here. Hoping the cat is okay, I know what it is like to have sick animals, no fun at all.
Hugs to you both.
ccr in MA said…
At least the possible job told you it would be a while. I hate waiting, but waiting and not knowing is even worse. I dreamed last night that I messed up the application for the job I applied for last week. I hate stress dreams!

Hope the cat situation settles down. Tell her Spring is a time for health! And Carlos sends relax vibes her way. Maybe it will help.
Anonymous said…
HIMYM has really lost me in the past couple of years, but I just can't stop watching because I'm SO INVESTED at this point. Just tell me who the dang mother is!! But yeah. It's terrible. I never laugh anymore.

Good luck with the interviewing process!

And really, like toddlers aren't noisy enough, they need shoes that make even more noise?? Great idea.
Kate P said…
Annie--thank you for the hugs! The Cat thanks you, too.

CCR--I agree that stress dreams are crazy. I kept dreaming I was losing the kids on the way to the competition. So weird. The Cat says Gracias to Carlos for the relaxation vibes. (She was way more relaxed after giving the vet techs an earful while getting blood taken and a shot of fluids.)

Angela--I am so mad at myself that I still want to know who the mother is! Sometimes I want to barf at the dialogue.
Yup, whoever thought up squeaky shoes for toddlers has some explaining to do.

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