It's Poker Night

No, there's not a group of people sitting around drinking soda and playing cards.  When I say "poker night," I mean it's a night that The Cat gets a steroid injection.  

I always play to win.  Some nights, it's "Hold 'em"--as in, I have to hold on to her despite her wriggling protests.

Tonight, the second (not first) attempt to stick her while she was sleeping stretched out on the floor was successful.  That's a rare path to victory, so I am grateful.

Except now she's curled up in her perch, sleeping with one eye open.  I think that sleepiness will take over suspicion in five, four, three, two. . . Zzzzzzz.

 A thank-you to the World Series of Poker glossary of terms for inspiration.


ccr in MA said…
That's a great term for it! Far better than Shot Night. Glad to hear it went well this time.
Kate P said…
I think "Shot Night" is when we set up water, milk, etc. in little glasses.

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