Calico Follies

Keeping busy, trying not to let things get me down.  I'm just in a ridiculous situation and am just trying to remember that "this too shall pass."

Let's talk about The Cat instead.

Those of you who have or have had pets probably know that you could buy the fanciest pet bed in the world, and that's not where your pets will sleep.

No, they go for. . .

. . .a nice, soft, freshly cleaned comforter.

The comforter didn't dry completely at the laundromat yesterday, and I had to run to choir practice, so over the chair it went.  And that happened to be the perfect setup for The Cat.

Things were a little rough for her this morning, so she got a dose of pain medication and it made her a little sleepy.  After a brief nap in her kitty cradle perch, she wound up inside the "comforter cave."

I don't know how she has any air in there!

This evening she seemed perky, as if well-rested.  She's getting her white count checked tomorrow, and I'm hoping they'll trim her claws.  They are getting a bit stabby when she's poking my shoulder/face while I'm trying to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I'm wondering how I can move that comforter without bumming her out.  Maybe there are mini-comforters for kitties.

Sounds like an Etsy search if ever I heard one. 


Solitary Diner said…
My cats do exactly that as well. They always look really annoyed when I move the comforter to put it on the bed!
Rob said…
Love the paws. :)
Kate P said…
S.D.--Ha! How dare we do anything without their permission???
I still haven't moved it; I felt I owed her a hideout after the vet today.

Rob--I know, right? It's the only way you know she's in there.
She has the cutest little feet. It surprises me how mostly-white they are!
ccr in MA said…
Apparently there is only room for one paw under the fortress of solitude! Very cute, and very typically feline. It always happens: buy them a toy, and they play with the box.
Kate P said…
CCR--I think the paws' sticking out might serve as the ventilation system to the "Fortress of Fluffitude." That's my best guess. :)

Yes, they do love boxes, too! And paper bags.
LibraryElf said…
The Grey Cat is obsessed with a blanket we got as a housewarming gift. Her thing of late has been to claw at it until someone (me) throws it over her. She gets all snuggled and twisted up in it that we humans have remind each other not to sit on her. Kitties are strange, but we love them. Do you have a throw blanket you can throw over the chair? I use doll afghans to give the cats a cozy window seat. Otherwise, they invent their own places and if I change it, they find a new one.
Kate P said…
LibraryElf--well, during the cold months, she does nest in a throw blanket (that has a cat pattern, natch). Maybe I'll put it over the chair and let her "rediscover" it. Have you ever seen cats treat an object you moved as if it's something completely new? (Especially when you rearrange the furniture. Cat freakout.)

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