First Day on the Job

Well, there was a little bit of trial-by-fire, but a lot of what I used to do at my former public library job came back to me, and the other stuff was provided by a lot of helpful co-workers.  Maybe I lucked out, but everybody I spoke with was really nice and appreciative.

I also was offered a free bike.  Not just any bike, but a premium brand name one with a frame for a shortie like me.  Patron said he'd found it really cheap at a yard sale, thinking he'd give it to his daughter, but she's actually too long in the legs for it in spite of her small stature.

I said I'd think about it, because I'm not sure where I'd store a bike, but it sure would be fun to have a bike that wouldn't make me feel as if I'm going to fall over every time I stop moving.  (As a teenager on a visit to upstate New York--on what is now referred to as "Uncle S's 'Back to Bataan' Bike Ride"--I nearly fell off my uncle's boyhood Schwinn into a ditch!)

So yeah, worked the Ref Desk and Circ, helped patrons, got offered a bike, and then watched turtles munch on grapes leftover from a party (my buddy the Teen Librarian probably is the kindest to those crazy reptiles).

I kinda like that place. 


Solitary Diner said…
Sounds lovely. I hope it continues to be a good place for you to work.
ccr in MA said…
Sounds great! I'm so happy for you. And you should take the bike!
LibraryElf said…
I LOVE THOSE TURTLES. :D But I'd never had turtles before and like animals in general. They are really quite silly, but kinda smart too. The kids love them.

I currently have a bike, stored in the entry way. I need to fix it up though and see if I can make it a commuter bike. It's just a cheap thing though.

Anyway, glad you like it. :)
Dave E. said…
Sounds like a great first day. I hope you can work out a way to store the bike because that's kind of neat how it just came to you out of the blue.
Kate P said…
S.D.--thank you! I hope to be there more often than the once a month I'm set up for.

CCR--thank you, and guess what? Mom said SHE is interested in the bike. So that works out because my parents have a shed. . . and I think she'll let me use the bike sometimes. She's like that.

LibraryElf--there you are! Were your ears burning??? I am still laughing about the turtles and the grapes. Nom nom.

Dave--It really was a great first day. And I think the bike deal will work out. Yay! Maybe that's just the start of the doors opening up.
Sara said…
Very glad things are doing well. I start a new job tomorrow, myself. For the first time in ages I'm not spending Sunday night nauseous about the coming Monday.

Here's to new, agreeable jobs! :)
Kate P said…
Sara--you got some 'splaining to do. New job??? Eff yeah to that!

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