The Eve of the Last Day of School

And yet I don't feel much like celebrating.

Probably has something to do with the last-minute meeting sprung on me by an administrator.

Which started off, "Are you happy here?"

And it just got worse from there.

Oh, I still have a job.  For now.  It's just going to be an uphill battle proving the position "deserves" to be full time in spite of being judged solely by people's preconceived notions and the minimal schedule on paper.


That's awesome timing.  "Have a great summer!" and all that.

I bit my tongue and saved the crying for the drive home.

(Because I wasn't already upset that one of my students has been in the hospital all week.)

But look! I sagely followed my gut first thing in the morning and made a nail appointment for the afternoon.

First pedi of the summer.  Shimmery blue-green like mermaid's scales.

So that's a very helpful distraction.  I have one grade of students to thank for a monetary gift that (partially) made it possible.



Dave E. said…
Oof, sorry to hear about that last minute meeting. Hope things settle down for you.

Nice pedicure though. I even mention the subject around here and man, people get all judgmental on me. ;)
ccr in MA said…
Oh, why DO they do those things? I hate that. Like when I got laid off in 2008, and they announced on a Friday that there would be layoffs on Monday. Way to ruin the weekend! They just don't think.

The manicure sounds like a great response and mood enhancer. Hope it helped!
Rob said…
Love surprise meetings like that. While you're wondering and stressing over what it might be about, they know exactly what it's about and what they want out of it.
Kate P said…
Dave--thanks, and yeah, I don't get how people think you can't mix fishing and pedicures. :)

CCR--bad timing, exactly. But it definitely was a nice relaxing time getting my nails done.

Rob--well, I _thought_ I knew what it was about and was surprised. Not pleasant.
"It's just going to be an uphill battle proving the position "deserves" to be full time..."

As if you don't have enough to do, just doing the job. I hate it when people who are not on the front lines drastically underestimate what it takes to actually get the job done. If you didn't do all of the things you have to do, that they discount the importance of, they'd be very displeased. Can't win. I hope you end up working for people who think you are a treasure and can't imagine doing without you (and pay you accordingly).
Kate P said…
Laura--well, that's the point. I'm already stressed about the money (hence part-time job #2) and I would really hate myself if I wind up working my a** off all year and they decide to kill the position anyway. This seems to be the trend among school libraries in PA. I'm noticing a lot of one-year long-term sub positions, which could be maternity leave but also could be what I suspect are trials after someone retires, just to see if they really "need" a librarian. . . or a teacher who on the side can check out books and fix computers (which is all librarians are thought to do when they are not "shushing people") and who needs a Master of Library Science in that case?

I wish I'd known things were going this way in 2006.

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