I Ask You. . .

. . . would you even dream of going into a library and putting your feet up on a table?

As you talk loudly on your cell phone about how you're going for a smoothie later and OMG your NAILS are in NEED of a manicure?

If you are, you're pretty much off my Christmas card list.  But most likely you are not a self-involved middle-aged woman who can't be arsed to take a call someplace more private. And, you know, not annoying the living daylights of anyone else trying to use the library.

I know it's hot, Yapparina, but this isn't your air-conditioned living room, and five minutes in the vestible between the doors wouldn't fry you.

Other than that, pretty good "second day" at my public library job.  I learned about how we manage when our circulation is offline (it sucks, but most patrons were very understanding).  Although apparently it was too hot for our notorious problem patron--I know of him only from e-mails from the director and other staff--to come out, we were pretty busy.  And I fielded my first crazy reference call from a senior lady on a quest to contact a documentary film maker (I am SO SORRY to the college whose film department contact info I provided her) who spelled out everything she was writing down.  And she was writing down pretty much everything I said.

There was a lovely patron who worked 40 years at a university library and was very encouraging, even giving me her contact info.  I have a lot of thoughts about what we discussed--and what I have been thinking about lately--that I am itching to share.

But right now, having not slept well during this heat wave, I'm thinking a drink of water, prayers, and bedtime is more my speed.



ccr in MA said…
It is unfortunate that technological advances have further revealed just how people are. I joke about living in a ccr-centric universe, where everything should revolve around me, but in truth I know that the population of that universe is one (except when my mother visits). Some people really do think everything is All About Them. And in a library!

When I worked in a bookstore, it was the beginning of the everyone-has-a-cellphone era, and it was still startling to hear a phone ring in public that wasn't the store phone. I was so surprised to hear people say, "Hello? .... I'm in the bookstore..." and carry on a conversation as though no one else mattered. Sigh.

I *love* "Yapparina"!
Rob said…
I still have people come up to me and start a conversation to me ... all the while on their mobile phone with someone else. I'm tempted to just yell blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah until they hang up and accuse ME of being rude.
Rob said…
... start a conversation WITH me ... is what I meant to say. :)
Kate P said…
CCR--astute observations. Courtesy and awareness of others has really taken a nosedive with the rise of the cell phone.

Rob--She sort of did the accusation passive-aggressively, because right after I made the suggestion (softly), she scowled at me and then said to her phone companion, "Oh, that was JUST THE LIBRARIAN." I didn't even "shush" her, fer cryin' out loud.

I didn't tell her HALF the things I wanted to.
Angela Noelle said…
What a rude little twit--the cell phone lady, that is, not you! I'll bet you see all kinds of crazy stuff in this job--you definitely won't get bored!

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