I'm Still Around!

I didn't mean to "fall off the map" after my last post.  There have been a few trips, books read, meetings at my side library job, phone tag playing--you get the idea.  On top of all that, while during my trip to a museum, I bumped into my co-librarian.  What are the odds?  If you subscribe to the idea of Mercury in retrograde, probably you'd say "pretty good."

Anyway, we spent about 20 minutes yakking about the changes to our positions, and now I don't feel weird that I felt awful after my meeting (item #4 here): She said she felt sick for a week after her meeting.  I still don't get what's going on, so our bumping into each other raised the issue again (and all the attendant anxiety) in spite of my having taken a bit of a break from the whole thing.  I figure I'll give myself a few more days and then check my school email account sometime next week.

Gotta run for today but more posts to come.



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