Saturday Night Update

The Cat had a lousy morning--including an ineffective attempt to communicate "I got sick everywhere" in the early morning hours (Is that why she was tapping my face with her paw?), leaving me to find the mess on the dining room rug (and later the couch)--so she is conked out in her "I don't feel well" corner of the living room at the moment.  My back is to her as I'm typing at the table, but the corner is almost directly behind me, so I'm able to keep an eye on her from here.

I had a pedicure and hair appointments scheduled (my one luxury afforded by singing for the occasional wedding), so I left her to nap in peace.  After lunch, I caught a bit of a nap myself.  Which I needed, because right now I'm nursing the muscles in my upper back.  Muscles that are complaining because the chiropractor adjusted everything back into the right place after, I don't know, probably close to two months.  And the muscles got way used to the wrong positions, so it was ice-pack city for most of yesterday afternoon, overnight, and this morning.  The good thing was that I got to meet the new chiropractor that joined the practice, and she knows her stuff.

Thursday was interesting, because I had an interview in the morning.  While it is a nice school, honestly it appears to be a lateral move for me (all trade-offs considered).  I did, however, get a message while I was out running an errand later in the day, that another school district was interested.  I have to call them Monday.  We shall see.  The good news is that Younger Sister landed a job, so that's one of us taken care of.

In the meantime, I am enjoying my pretty toes and hair, keeping an eye on The Cat, and trying to track down info about the new album by one of my favorite (recently reunited) bands from my college days (and I also have a distant personal connection with one of the members, which I didn't know until well after my late friend J and I saw them play!).  They played the Free at Noon concert. . . all of which I caught on my way home from the chiropractor.

Good thing I topped off the tank with cheap Jersey gas before I headed home; I drove around listening to the whole set.  I laughed with tears in my eyes when they first came on, because all I could think of was my friend J and how it would have been her birthday the day before.

Pretty cool timing.



Anonymous said…
Aw, that's really cool about your friend's birthday :) I'm in desperate need of some TLC for my hair, but I'm so scared to go to a German hair salon!
Kate P said…
I'd be a little scared, too, Angela--it's not as if "hot German haircut model" is a common expression. . . Maybe you can stalk someone at the market who has great hair and ask them.
Did they teach you in German class how to say, "Take me to your hairdresser"?

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