Olympic Trivia

While working out at the gym tonight and half-paying attention to the several TV screens overhead, I learned how they transported the horses who compete for the U.S. in the Olympics over to London.

They flew them there via FedEx.

I hadn't given that much thought before, but that was really interesting.  The veterinarian who did the video piece even looked over all the equipment they were packing, and found sugar cubes.

I wonder if the horses would rather win medals made of carrots and cookies.



Sara said…
You BET the horses would rather win medals made of carrots and cookies.

In fact, Peanut's main incentive to tolerate rides is that the carrots suddenly turn to cookies when the saddle appears, and that makes life that much nicer. Seriously... when I made switch obvious then his attitude changed. But then again, he is a little piggy.

Sugar cubes, eh? I stopped giving my guys sugar cubes long ago. Sugars are not a horse's friend, although cubes are very easy to carry and ponies love them. Even the sugar found in carrots and apples can cause issues in some horses, so I always watch the ingredients on the cookies I give to make sure molasses is way down on the list and no longer give straight-up sugar. Especially since Nut is a butterball.....

Ummm... shutting up about horses now. Must.... stop.... typing...........
Sara said…
Just read the article. Cute. As for "sticking cotton in their ears" to help with the noise, watch the stadium events to see if any of the horses are wearing equine ear plugs. It helps with the crowd noise.

Just don't mix them up and try to shove them in your ear during a concert. They're a trifle large and you'll look right silly - as if you didn't quite understand the concept of earmuffs.
Kate P said…
Sara, you would be the one person I'd let go on and on about horses. :)

(Yeah, I think the veterinarian was kind of busting the trainer for the sugar cubes, as in, "Really? This is a must-pack item?")

I am picturing equine earplugs as being the size of nerf footballs or something.
Sara said…
:) I'm like Pringles when it comes to blathering about horses: once you pop, you can't stop.

They're not that large, horses have dainty ears compared to the rest of their vastness. Wanna see 'em? Go to http://www.doversaddlery.com/ and search for ear plugs. I'd hate to put them in because, while I know it's impossible, I just imagine them falling down into his head. :(

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