I Spend a Day Without the Internet, and Look What Happens

Book murder, that's what.

Oh, the illiteracy!



ccr in MA said…
Ow! I couldn't even watch the whole thing. The matter-of-fact way she kills a perfectly good book!
Kate P said…
I couldn't watch it all, either, CCR! I could understand cutting up a damaged book, but that was freaking pristine and in better condition than most of the ones on library shelves. Ugh!
Slauditory said…
Oh, I totally agree. I don't even really like it when people destroy old, tattered books for real art's sake.
Kate P said…
Slauditory--It's not a pleasant thing to destroy old books, but I do understand if a book is beyond repair (or isn't worth saving). (You know what upsets me more? The recurring need for movies to set major combat/destruction in the library. All the time. To make it more horrifying? I don't know.)

Of course, the case here is she needed an unread, pristine book for this craft. . . which makes it all more ludicrous.

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