I Think My Car Knows What Time of Year It Is

Once again, car trouble before school starts.  (Those of you newer to the blog might need to know about the last time it happened.)

I had trouble starting the car while I was running errands today--and then I noticed that the clock and the trip-o-meter were resetting every time the car didn't start!  Well, I knew it wasn't the starter, because that was replaced earlier this year, so the next logical culprit was the battery.  Of course, I'm in the middle of errands when I decide to check with Dad, and he strongly encouraged me to go see the whiz kid mechanic.

Well, I prayed I had one more start left so I could finish drying the towels at the laundromat--I figured worst case scenario I'd be calling AAA--and fortunately the car (eventually) started so I could drive to the mechanic.  Sure enough, the battery passed the charge test, but only at rest.  It didn't have enough in it to handle starting the car.

I think that battery lasted more than a couple of years, so that's not too bad.  It's just the timing that's annoying.

That, and the initial fear that there was something really wrong.  I'm very grateful that wasn't the case and that my parents and the mechanic were there to help out.



ccr in MA said…
I hate that oh-no, something's-wrong feeling! Cars just make me nervous that way. Thankfully, this was an easy solution, if annoying. I guess it would have been worse if it wouldn't start the first day, though!
Dave E. said…
At least it wasn't the alternator. Small blessing, I know.
Solitary Diner said…
Bah humbug. Hopefully this just means that you're getting all the crap out of the way before having a fabulous school year.

Kate P said…
CCR--Oh yes, not only was there that "oh-no, something's-wrong feeling," but also, "Please don't do this right now!" And YES that was the other reason I figured I'd better get the situation addressed today rather than have a problem tomorrow morning!

Dave--Alternator, another blown cylinder. . . Heck, I've got 105K miles on the thing so I don't count anything out!
Kate P said…
S.D.--Exactly. I hope.
Slauditory said…
That's a relief that your car started! Car trouble is the worst. It makes you feel so helpless.
Sara said…
Sounded like you were getting another truckfull of lemons backed up to your door, but luckily they were easily lemonaded. Lemonaded. I claim that as a proper word now.

Lemonaded: when a potential catastrophe turns into a resolved inconvenience.

Ex: My car was giving me trouble right before the school year was to start, but thankfully it's now lemonaded.
LibraryElf said…
Thank goodness it was just the battery!

Having a mechanic brother has helped me recognize issues. Generally when they start (i.e. "The check engine light is on and the engine is making a ticking noise") he gives me a rough idea of what it all could be. He also explains them in great detail, which is interesting if you care to know that much. I guess it's kind of like my own personal Car Talk.
Kate P said…
Slauditory--Yes! The last thing I wanted to be was stranded.
Or forced to borrow my mom's unsexy station wagon with the child seats in the back.

Sara--Ha! "Lemonaded" sounds like a blessing in disguise, as in. . . I could've been stuck with a dead battery the morning I was supposed to report to work, but instead the car got a new battery so I'm good for a while now. LEMONADED.

LibElf--Your brother sounds as if he knows a lot of good stuff. I really admire people who are good with cars. Me, I pretty much am helpless. But I always look forward to reading the car columns in the newspapers. So interesting.

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