Recipe Recap

(Not to be confused with the Reading Recap over at the other blog.)  Here are some things I made over the last few weeks:

Super Lazy Lite Mojito: mint leaves (or extract), diet lemon-lime soda,
lime wedges, splash of rum.

"Broken Lasagna." Was just O.K.

Or maybe I just got sick of it because there were SO MANY LEFTOVERS.

Braised Porkchops with Cherries
Power went out while cooking and they STILL got overcooked.
Mustard Steak, Brussels Sprouts, Potato Wedges w/Old Bay seasoning.
I'm thinking my Old Bay is too old--tasted musty.
Marinated Steak & Veggies
(made with extra steak & brussels sprouts from Mustard Steak)



Cute Calico Stretch

Photo #2's recipe is from Food Network Magazine.

Photo #4's recipe is from Giant's budget recipes.

Photo #5-6 recipes are from Betty Crocker's Cooking for One.  I'm totally stunned someone is selling it for 80 bucks.  I'm pretty sure I inherited mine from the widowed neighbor who was like the grandma next door when I was growing up.  A lot of the recipes are "out there" but this tandem recipe idea (cook once, make two meals) worked pretty well.

Photo #7 is some calorie-free dessert because you are not allowed to eat The Cat.  No matter how cute she is.



Dave E. said…
Those look like good and tasty meals. My only quibble would be the cherries on the pork chop. Meat and fruit combos have just never appealed to me.

My youngest sister just gave me a book called "1 sauce 100 recipes." I'm going to try one this week.
Solitary Diner said…
Impressive week's worth of cooking. I'm working on cooking twice per week so that most of my meals are homemade. It means a lot of eating the same thing, but at least it's more efficient than cooking every night.
ccr in MA said…
You're cooking enough to bring up the average for me, since I'm having a lot of trouble getting into cooking mode lately. Looks good!

And why can't I eat The Cat? She's so satisfying!
Kate P said…
Dave--That sounds like an interesting idea with the sauce book. You could make a new recipe a week for something like two years!
As for meat and fruit, pork probably works best, although I did enjoy tuna salad with peaches and chicken salad with grapes made by the little restaurant around the corner from my old corporate job.
For this recipe, you definitely have to put complementary savory ingredients so the sweetness of the cherries is there but not overpowering. The vinegar and the onion are part of it, but I also put some rosemary in. And salt. I don't know why but there didn't seem to be enough salt called for in the recipe.

S.D.--Oh, no, this wasn't all in one week! Sorry to be accidentally deceptive there. It's more like one or two new recipes a week, because I'm eating the leftovers the rest of the time, like you said. Sometimes that's good and sometimes that's bad. And I'm not big on freezing leftovers, although I did buy a big steak and froze the part I didn't use.

CCR--Yeah, sometimes it was too hot to cook lately, so I don't blame you at all.
The Cat is definitely NOT what you want to eat. She's full of steroids and she'll give you the worst hairball ever. Plus I like having her around. :)

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