I'll Boil It Down to What You Need to Know

1. The Cat seemed to eat a little more dinner today, after a slight tweaking that I thought she did not like yesterday: I swapped out the Fancy Feast tuna for Weruva Mack and Jack (I know, it looks totally gross, which obviously ups the feline interest factor, as does the stinky-ness).  Also, I heated everything up (double stink) and omitted the (litterbox helper) medicine.  She ate more, so I am hoping she got all her hyperthyroid meds in tonight.  
I think she has missed enough of her evening dose to the point where now she's bouncing off the walls and crying and keeping me awake, so I hope her renewed interest in dinner continues.  I've been stressing over it--probably more than I should be, although the scratches on my legs suggest I'm right to be stressed--so it would be nice for both of us to see her a little more settled, if possible.

2. Something's up with the library's secretary.  I don't know if it's outside stress (her mom's been sick) or what, but her attitude stinks and there's some weird passive-aggressive game going on with practically every single thing that comes up.  We are adjusting some things that go on in the library, and she seems to try to take every opportunity to put jobs that she used to do back on me.  Some of it goes like this: "Well, your predecessor used to do that.  I just did it last year to help out."  Or: "Since you're doing x, maybe you should do y and z."  And then she's clicking around on the computer at her real estate stuff which she shouldn't even be logging into while she's at school, so I guess she needed to free herself up to do that.  But hey, she's been getting away with it for years.  I don't know if anyone wants to put up with the fuss she's gonna make if we call her on any of this stuff.
Things could get worse before they get better.

3. Finally, I might need your advice about something sort of dating-related.  (Now don't get too excited, because it could go nowhere.)
I did go to the previously mentioned trivia night fundraiser, which was really fun (except for the one team member who showed up freshly soused and obnoxious from Philly's Oktoberfest).  There were a couple of people on this team that I had not met before--one was a friend of my trivia host friend who invited me.
So the newly met person. . . seems a little older than me but not drastically so, kinda reminded me of a younger (more sober) Sam Axe from Burn Notice. . . but get this: he also is considered a "music guru" and has been on a game show.  Just like me!

I think I screwed up, though: I couldn't go to the bar afterwards, because (a) I was tired because The Cat wouldn't let me sleep in Saturday morning, and (b) I had to be able to get out of bed the following morning to sing for church.  Oh yeah, and (c) I was out of money.  So while I did not mention The Cat (lest I appear the crazy cat lady) or being short on funds, I did mention singing.  And while I'm saying this to the guy and telling him it was fun playing trivia with him as I say goodbye, this woman who had come to our table earlier to share beer marched up and introduced herself to him (not me) with her Twitter handle and that she was so-and-so's friend.  She sounded a little drunk and more than a little interested in him.  And of course she was going to the bar to hang out with everyone else.

So I might have missed out.

Is there any way to salvage this?

What could I say to my trivia host friend when I see him Tuesday night, to find out some info (like I don't even know if his friend is available)?  Without embarrassing myself?  And possibly drop a hint I'm interested?  Again, without embarrassing myself?  (Even though I am pretty much the only single person left on my team?)




Sara said…
Is there a need to salvage it? You were honest. It's not like you said that his presence repulsed you and thus you refused to go. You wouldn't go if it was the last place on earth to find refuge in a disaster, nay, because he would be there. You would rather face the destruction than look upon his horrific face. In fact, his existence is so disagreeable that you are considering moving to Australia just so that you could be as far away from him as possible. That would require a salvage crew.

You didn't say that, did you? Why did you say that? Didn't you ever learn any tact?

Besides, money aside, it could have turned into a disaster if you went as you weren't your best. Plus you would have had to beat slovenly drunken girl, and that just wouldn't look good on your resume.

Sounds to me like you have the perfect way to start talking to him and getting to know all the info yourself. Even if he isn't available, it could be a great conversation.

Is the problem that the friend might not be around again?

Otherwise you have the game show. You can compare stories, trade anecdotes, and laugh it up. :)
Angela Noelle said…
You could always just say something like, "So and so invited me to go out after trivia last week and I wasn't able to make it. Do you have any contact info on him so I could send an apology?" Then you could just send on a little note and ask if he'll be at trivia again? I think that would send a signal that you're interested without having to put yourself completely out there, and leaves the door open for him to respond however he likes :)
Pammy pam said…
these are all perfectly agreeable things to do, however, i prefer the kinda neanderthal old fashioned way; if he is/was interested, he will still be interested at another time. if he is/was interested he will ask about YOU and try to find out when youre gonna be available next.

ok ok stop flinging darts at the computer,you'll break it.

i say it with LOVE.
Dave E. said…
Meh, don't read too much into the hussy unless or until you hear something actually happened. In the meantime, it won't hurt to see if there's a casual way to get in the same room again. It seems you have a few things in common and those should be a good enough reason to be interested without seeming too interested.
Rob said…
Beginning to believe that someone lied to the wife and I about hyperthyroidism being controllable., Kate. Our soon-to-be-15-year-old is either yowling at us to do something/anything for him or he's listless and breaking our heart. He's eating good and holding it down so there's that. Hope they get yours right but I feel this will be the new normal for us.

You definitely don't want dating advice from me. I didn't do it for long and was lousy at it.
Kate P said…
Sara--who, me? Lacking in tact and beating down drunken hangers-on? Sounds tempting, but. . . nah, I couldn't live with myself. But your question was right; I'm not sure there's an opportunity (at least in the near future) we'd see each other again.

Angela--I like the first part of your suggestion, but contacting him first is a little too forward (and possibly off-putting) from my perspective. I guess nowadays even if a man is interested, he won't do much because he assumes he can find the woman on Facebook. Which is not true for me!

Pam--No! No darts around the new laptop! :) Thank you for soothing my old-fashioned sensibilities.

Dave--Way to work "hussy" into the discussion. Hee! The trick will be getting into the same room again. . .

Rob--yeah, the vet for my parents' elderly cat with hyperthyroidism keeps telling my mom the kitty's doing fine, but the poor kitty is still losing weight. This morning, The Cat was doing the same "yowl" that the elderly cat does every night after eating dinner, and it totally freaked me out. I wonder if their throats hurt or something. It's sad not to be able to comfort them. The Cat's "new normal" is that she, uh, "reads the newspaper" in the litterbox only about every other day, and it's not easy time of it. Also heartbreaking.
I guess I should say "thanks" for NOT offering any dating advice??? :)

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