As Promised, a Catch-up Post

Sorry to hit everybody with numbered lines, but I figured it's the quickest way to catch up.  Some of these things need more said about them in posts of their own--I'm still processing.  But here goes.

1. Summer program is finally over.  With the (grudging) help of the business accounting person, the numbers finally came out right and everybody's getting paid.  Including me so I can pay for the chiropractor who undid the giant stress knot in my upper back, as well as purchase the long-in-coming back-up for the laptop (only took me ten months to find a way to pay for one).  The kids were O.K. in my program except the boys kept wanting to talk about dead people and just dash off their activities.  Until they found the big reference book on the Olympics which kept them occupied while the girls enjoyed the activity.  Whatever works.

2. The Cat did well during her vet exam, but her white count is still low.  It makes me a little paranoid about the times she runs out into the hallway, or what's being tracked in with my shoes or whatever.  I worry she could pick some bug up or something.  Plus she got all picky about her food again, so today I switched it.  She definitely liked Chicken and Trout--she was licking her chops and giving herself a good wash afterwards!

3. I have been reading a ton of books and I can hardly wait to tell you all about them.

4. The biggest thing is that I got called into a meeting with the Powers That Be this week.  Of course, my home voicemail went down for over a day, giving me no access to the message requesting the meeting, so that was an auspicious start.  As was getting around all the road construction near home as I rushed to get to school.

The upside is that I still have a job.

The side I'm not sure about yet is that it's not going to be the same job anymore.  And the story is the same for my co-librarian, although I'm surprised she hasn't contacted me in any way yet. 

So. . . still more to come, for sure.


Coming Back Around

I didn't mean to go quiet.  (Coincidentally, one of the several books I've read in the past week and a half actually was titled Quiet. Much to say about it.)

There's been a lot going on, so expect some updates in the next day or so.

In the meantime, please be entertained by this kitty photo.
She smelled the porkchops cooking. Then she sat on the dining room table
and threatened to fire her lasers if the porkchops were not ready in the next five minutes.

Yes, that's the stereo stand in the background.


Calico Follies

Keeping busy, trying not to let things get me down.  I'm just in a ridiculous situation and am just trying to remember that "this too shall pass."

Let's talk about The Cat instead.

Those of you who have or have had pets probably know that you could buy the fanciest pet bed in the world, and that's not where your pets will sleep.

No, they go for. . .

. . .a nice, soft, freshly cleaned comforter.

The comforter didn't dry completely at the laundromat yesterday, and I had to run to choir practice, so over the chair it went.  And that happened to be the perfect setup for The Cat.

Things were a little rough for her this morning, so she got a dose of pain medication and it made her a little sleepy.  After a brief nap in her kitty cradle perch, she wound up inside the "comforter cave."

I don't know how she has any air in there!

This evening she seemed perky, as if well-rested.  She's getting her white count checked tomorrow, and I'm hoping they'll trim her claws.  They are getting a bit stabby when she's poking my shoulder/face while I'm trying to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I'm wondering how I can move that comforter without bumming her out.  Maybe there are mini-comforters for kitties.

Sounds like an Etsy search if ever I heard one. 


The Eve of the Last Day of School

And yet I don't feel much like celebrating.

Probably has something to do with the last-minute meeting sprung on me by an administrator.

Which started off, "Are you happy here?"

And it just got worse from there.

Oh, I still have a job.  For now.  It's just going to be an uphill battle proving the position "deserves" to be full time in spite of being judged solely by people's preconceived notions and the minimal schedule on paper.


That's awesome timing.  "Have a great summer!" and all that.

I bit my tongue and saved the crying for the drive home.

(Because I wasn't already upset that one of my students has been in the hospital all week.)

But look! I sagely followed my gut first thing in the morning and made a nail appointment for the afternoon.

First pedi of the summer.  Shimmery blue-green like mermaid's scales.

So that's a very helpful distraction.  I have one grade of students to thank for a monetary gift that (partially) made it possible.



A Mystery: Your Predictions, Please

As I mentioned, I went to my new job yesterday, and when I got home, I checked my mailbox in the vestibule.  Nothing but a check from jury duty (yay).

However, apparently there should've been a Priority Mail package waiting for me, as the tracking number later showed me when I checked it after dinner.  I've been waiting for my new supply of coffee from Wyoming.

Delivered at 11:30 a.m.?  Well, at 6 p.m., and then again at 9 p.m., it was neither in the vestibule, nor in the lobby.

So, what do YOU think happened?  Place your vote in the combox.

A) Package was scanned as "delivered" by (most likely a substitute) mail carrier but accidentally left in the truck;

B) Package was scanned as "delivered" by (most likely a klepto coffee-loving) mail carrier and kept by him/her;

C) A neighbor picked it up by accident;

D) A neighbor stole it;

E) A visitor stole it;

F) Alien Coffee Abduction;

G) Other (explain).

I left a message at the apartment manager's office in case for some weird reason the package was left there.  It's closed on Sundays, though.  And I think I will make a call to the USPS tomorrow.

Really not happy.  Do you KNOW what I am LIKE when I don't get my COFFEE?


First Day on the Job

Well, there was a little bit of trial-by-fire, but a lot of what I used to do at my former public library job came back to me, and the other stuff was provided by a lot of helpful co-workers.  Maybe I lucked out, but everybody I spoke with was really nice and appreciative.

I also was offered a free bike.  Not just any bike, but a premium brand name one with a frame for a shortie like me.  Patron said he'd found it really cheap at a yard sale, thinking he'd give it to his daughter, but she's actually too long in the legs for it in spite of her small stature.

I said I'd think about it, because I'm not sure where I'd store a bike, but it sure would be fun to have a bike that wouldn't make me feel as if I'm going to fall over every time I stop moving.  (As a teenager on a visit to upstate New York--on what is now referred to as "Uncle S's 'Back to Bataan' Bike Ride"--I nearly fell off my uncle's boyhood Schwinn into a ditch!)

So yeah, worked the Ref Desk and Circ, helped patrons, got offered a bike, and then watched turtles munch on grapes leftover from a party (my buddy the Teen Librarian probably is the kindest to those crazy reptiles).

I kinda like that place.