. . . and Because I Don't Talk About The Cat Enough

For her newly diagnosed hyperthyroid condition, The Cat takes a half a pill, twice a day. I was trying to get by without a pill-splitter, but using a paring knife has its obvious drawbacks.

I forgot to pick one up yesterday, but then I had to make a run to the drugstore today anyway. Of course, I needed help finding where the store keeps the pill-splitters, but at least there was no decision to make, because they stock only one kind (the store's brand, natch).

Stood in a nice long line where there was only one cash register open--but doesn't it figure they opened another one right as I was paying?

I was in the middle of doing laundry at the parents', so I didn't open the bags until I got home around dinnertime.

Isn't the darn thing missing from the darn bag? I double-checked the receipt (yup, I paid for it) and the floor and rear seat of my car (no, not there). So I called the store and the girl who answered said nothing was left up at the counter, but I could just come back in with the receipt for another one.

At least it wasn't a far drive from home, but it was rush hour. When I finally got there, the same cashier who'd rung me up was still working at the counter. I had to wait my turn (again), but when I told him about the phone conversation, he said, "Yeah, I remember you--I found it at the bottom of the bag but you were already gone."

I think what happened was that he had started to put my purchases in a small bag, but then went for a larger shopping bag because I had bought something on the larger side. He forgot to transfer the pill splitter from the small bag.

The things I do for that cat.

Side note: I'm never buying a big pack of TP again.


ccr in MA said…
Oh, ugh indeed! It's sad how we have to pay so much attention if we want to avoid the mistakes of others.
Rob said…
Did you choose pills over liquid or did the vet? My wife has been administering hyperthyroidism medication to our 14yr old cat for about two years now. If you need any help, Kate, drop me a line.
Anonymous said…
Who knew acquiring a pill splitter would entail such an epic journey!! Glad you finally overcame the obstacles, and hope you and the kitty have a very happy New Year ;)
Kate P said…
CCR--Yeah, I guess I learned my lesson about checking bags before I leave the store. I always check my receipt, though, which is a good habit, but not enough in this case!

Rob--I was offered liquid and "skin application" options as well, but after nearly getting my arms ripped off during an amoxicillin administration a few years back, and barely getting one of those Frontline-type deals on her neck in the summertime, I'm thinking that using Pill Pockets seems to be the path of least resistance. She's not a "pick me up" cat at all, but she'd probably eat a whole pouch of Pill Pockets if I let her.

Angela--Worth the two trips! :) Thanks & Happy New Year to you, too!
Rob said…
Yeah, I had a cat like that. She was very adept at spitting out whatever you put down her throat. I had to hold her while the wife stuck the pill or medicine as far down her throat as possible. It was a 10-minute ordeal and only then could we tend to our bleeding. :)

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