Checking in

Well, I'm alive. This week was a blur but that might have been all the cold medicine, because of course when you get together with your family, your niece and nephews are sniffling and sneezing all over you while they smother you with their adulation. So Younger Sister and I both went home from Thanksgiving with leftovers and a bit of a cold. That's right, there was a span of about three days between the end of of the Strep Throat Blues and the start of the Thanksforgivingmethisrotten Cold.

That said, the photo printer worked wonderfully and even Oldest Nephew, when he finally arrived (don't get me started but it's not his fault), jumped right into the poster-making like old times. That part was way fun.

This is the end of the marking period at school, and of course I'm still not used to grading things, so I haven't been keeping up--and now I have quizzes to grade this weekend, and I have to get in early on Monday to enter grades in the system and make my first attempt at uploading final grades. Yippee.

I'll get into this a bit more later, but it has become practically my #1 goal not to be sick again for a long time.

There's more catching up to do, of course, and there's a blogiversary right around the corner, so stick around.

I think there are good things coming up.


ccr in MA said…
Adulation is nice, but you do pay the price! I will send good-health vibes and well-wishes your way. Hopefully, you're now done with being sick for the season!
Kate P said…
THANK YOU--I need all the good health vibes I can get!!!

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