The Cat Got Meds for Christmas

As reported previously, I wasn't expecting to get test results until next Monday at the earliest. Yesterday morning, and by "morning" I mean 3 a.m., The Cat was bothering me incessantly, so I went to school on about three hours' sleep. I also went in late because she tossed her cookies (i.e. the breakfast she at first refused to eat and kept bugging me about for another three hours) a mere 15 minutes before I was about to head out.

When I got to school, I kept trying the vet's office, but the recording said they were closed even though it was about an hour and a half into their normal office hours (as stated on the recording). They must've had their Christmas party the night before or something. I left a message and eventually got a call back. Once I explained the problem, they promised me a call back from the doctor. I was concerned that she was still getting sick, but at that point I was looking for even just something to calm her down for the night.

In between visits from kids dropping off gifts and a consult with one of the really nice moms who is helping with the reading event, the doctor (not the one who called The Cat a sweet kitty on Monday, but an equally nice doctor) said it was hard to do something without the test results, but he wanted to try to figure out if I could The Cat a little antihistamine to calm her down. He needed to look up possible contraindications with hyperthyroidism, which she probably had in his opinion, first, so once again I started waiting for a call back.

Went to the faculty Christmas party, drew the #1 spot for the pollyanna and apparently didn't pick something people wanted to steal from me, so I sat through the rest of it in an uncomfortable chair while glancing at my cell phone. Packed up my things, was the only one in the library who left late enough to get the Christmas bonus envelope (which the administration nearly forgot to give out!), and headed to the grocery store. Still waiting for the cell phone to ring.

Got home with the groceries and found a message from the vet on the home phone. Gee whiz. So I hurriedly called back, because I knew they had shortened hours for the day, and got the doctor. No go on the antihistamine--not good if she does have hyperthyroid, and just too hard to administer because she's under eight pounds again and that would make an awfully tiny dose to measure out. He said he was awfully sorry. . . and suggested maybe I should take the antihistamine (with a glass of wine!) so I at least could sleep through The Cat's restlessness.

I did.

And either that's what happened, or The Cat was just too exhausted from the day before, because I slept until about 5--and trust me, that's a big improvement. (Of course, when I opened my eyes, she was right there on the bed staring at me, so I had to get up and feed her, but still.) Then she let me sleep until about 9:30. That was goooood.

Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call at 1 p.m., and it was the vet, calling with the test results.

The upper limit on the normal range for the thyroid test was 50. The Cat's result? 85!!!

I went and picked up the medicine right away. And I brought along a bag of fancy chocolates (O.K., they were from my "Advent Angel"--mystery co-worker who doesn't know I have allergies) as a thank-you.

Yeah, it sucks that she has hyperthyroidism, but it's kind of a relief to have an explanation for what's been going on. Not to mention a hope that after about a week on the meds, she might start feeling more like herself.

So maybe she'll feel like playing with her real Christmas presents soon.



Annie Coe said…
So glad your kitty will be okay and that now you can get some sleep. xoxo
Annie Coe said…
Happy Christmas!
Kate P said…
Thanks, Annie--yeah, maybe I'll be sleeping better towards the end of my Christmas vacation, I hope!
ccr in MA said…
Well, the diagnosis may not be great, but having it, before the holidays, is wonderful. Knowing is good! Hope your Christmas was merry as could be.

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