Approaching the End of July

Not that I seem to have been doing a whole ton, but the rest of last week got away from me before I even knew it.  My dad took us to a huge smorgasbord out near Amish country for his birthday.  It was interesting and I still can't decide if the best part was all the people-watching or the slice of lemon meringue pie at the end.

On Friday, the scale at the vet said that The Cat had lost more weight (in spite of eating fairly steadily) and was now at 6.6 lbs.  That really knocked me for a loop--I felt fooled after I realized how much she was licking gravy and not really eating everything on her plate, and also just furious with her stupid thyroid for not behaving.  I don't know if the medication will get it under control, but we're just going to do our best with it.  But I'd like to get her back up to 7 lbs. or more.  Poor lightweight kitty.

Basically, I have just under a month of summer vacation left, and I decided I need to make the most of it and try to get as much out of it as I can.  Not sure exactly what that means just yet, but if at the very least my home is organized and I've had some fun, then that will be good.

At the very least, I can say so far this week that I had an interesting conversation with a 70 year old high school teacher after Mass at not-my-usual-church, and also I got to see my niece have an excellent birthday complete with one of those much-drooled-over dolls that Mom, Younger Sister, and I chipped in to purchase for her.  The kid was thrilled when she unwrapped the big box.

Her younger brothers, on the other hand, kept watching closely and hopefully to see if there would be something non-doll-related among her presents.  (Sorry, boys--maybe on your birthdays. . .)



ccr in MA said…
Poor kitty and poor you. Best of luck in upping that number.

I totally can't believe it's the end of July. When did that happen?
LibraryElf said…
AWW. Poor kitty. Hope she gets some weight onto her.

Best wishes with the rest of summer. Get home set up so it is a nice place away from everything else. (It really helps). Or at the very least, create a spot you can escape to with a good book, the cat, and/or tea.
Kate P said…
CCR--thanks. The doc recommended sardines (!) for her--maybe that will be appealing. But gross.

LibraryElf--thank you and we are trying. You are right: I have always wanted a corner to read/write in. I should do that.
Dave E. said…
I'm pretty sure the Shady Maple could turn me into Homer Simpson. Mmmmm...smorgasbord. :)

Good luck with The Cat and getting her to eat more. Maybe the sardines will do the trick.

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