Bargains Are Fun

Ashley was giving a low-budget fashion show over at her Little Apartment. So I thought I'd share my successful deals and steals, too. Today at the pet supply store I got a catnip mouse on clearance for $1.47 (originally $4.99). Not just any catnip mouse--when I waved it, still in its wrapper, in front of the cat, she went nuts and almost didn't give me a chance to get it out of the bag. Then she bounced off the walls and played "cat toy baseball" with me. She's a pretty powerful swatter. There are just too many times I wish I had a videocamera. That was some cheap thrills fun.

Also, because it was Employee Appreciation Week at the bookstore, today I got a DVD box set, a few children's picture books (niece and middle nephew love a particular on-demand animation video based on this book--read by Andy Richter!), and this to read on my trip next week. . . for what I would've paid retail for just the box set, before sales tax. Might as well take advantage of the perks while I still have them.

Which reminds me--off to do some work on my resume'. I got a good tip from someone I work with at the bookstore.


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