A Trip to the Campus Bookstore

The Weather: Uncooperative. If it wasn't raining, it threatened to rain at any moment. Not fun to drive in, and if I had to walk far, not fun for walking, either.

The Traffic: Ridiculous. You'd think drivers hadn't seen pedestrians before. And if you don't know how to deal with pedestrians, you should stay far away from a college campus.

The Parking: Weird! I scored a great parking space about half a block from the campus bookstore. . . only to have the parking meter eat six quarters and then spaz out into a blinking "See time limit/Out of order" frenzy. I bit the bullet and hurried myself down to the bookstore.

The Mission: Show my I.D., tell the cashier my height, and pick up these:

Needs a good pressing, I think.
And for the life of me, I can't understand the directions on how to turn the hood out where.

I am really excited now.

Oh, and guess who didn't move a whisker?

"Suzy Becker says it's O.K. to wear the same thing every day.
I don't get you humans."


Anonymous said…
I got my cap and gown this week too. I don't know if your gowns are the same weight as ours are but they are impossible to press. I think I'm going hang mine in the bathroom and hope the steam straightens it out.
Congrats Kate.
Kate P said…
Oh, YAY for you, too, AC!!!

I like the steam idea; I'm afraid of what would happen if I take an iron to the mystery fabric. . .

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