YES, It's the Friday Five

Sorry I've been kinda absent from the blog, outside of college bookstore runs. I also had IE crash on me in the middle of writing and surfing, so constructing this post took some extra time!

Lately I've just felt kinda out of sync with the world. Does anybody else ever get that? I'm coming in, everyone else is going out. All the movies I requested from the library came in at once--the day after I went to the video rental place. I wasn't expecting that. Also wasn't expecting to watch "Tommy" and "Last Chance Harvey" back-to-back. (Just FYI--"Tommy" was something I was considering for a movie to show at the teens' tie-dyeing event. But I think they might go with this or even this instead.)

At the end of the "new movies" section in the video store was "Yes Man." Saw that in the theaters in January and kinda liked it. When I saw the title, it reminded me that while I do feel a lot of "No" around me (no good jobs available, no sunlight--it's been raining since Tuesday, no lack of mindgames at work), I have a lot of things to say YES to. As in, "Yes, I'll have some of that please," or, "Yes--that is awesome!" Here are my five YES things this week:

1. Gardeners' bounty. Maybe because we've had so much darn rain, everyone's gardens are super happy. Someone at the library brought in a ton of mint leaves and, well, I got the leftovers at the end of the night. Not that I'm complaining. I threw some into iced tea, and made mojitos (from a book Younger Sister gave me) tonight to enjoy with one of my (many) videos.

2. My iPod. Sure, I don't have a lot of music loaded--yet--but there was enough to carry me as I took on my first public workout in a long time on Tuesday. It got my mind off being in the park and got me moving really, really fast. Fast enough to beat the downpour.

3. Free used books! One of the perks of working at the library is getting first crack at the used books donated for the semiannual book sale. Tonight as I was wrapping things up after my teen council meeting, I got this (recently mentioned by Sheila) and this (recently mentioned by Seraphic). Not sure when I'm going to read them, but it was exciting to find them.

4. Hoagiefest is here again!!! (It's a regional thing, you might not understand. . .)

5. Hilarious conversations overheard at the bookstore. Tracey overheard one not too long ago, and last night, my co-worker pulled me aside so we both could have a laugh when this girl, about nine or ten, was trailing her mother and her older sister through the store, animatedly chattering the entire way, and all we heard as they passed the customer service desk was her exclaiming, "I thought I had a concussion!" Sooo dramatic. You seem fine except for the chattiness, honey.

Now, back to one of those videos. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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