Where I've Been

* On vacation all last week

* On an airplane for the first time in seven (7!) years

* Down South

* Visiting friends, including one smiley cutie-pie kiddo & two cats crazed by the catnip toy I brought

* Back at work yesterday, where all the wrongs I did in taking last week off were brought to my attention, repeatedly, replete with evidence of complete (passive-aggressive) neglect of my department

* At Target this morning to soothe my broadsided sensibilities with music and more music

Where I'm going: off to do some resume' work before choir practice


Mr. Bingley said…
Choir practice is always a good thing after a hard day of dealing with idjits.
Cullen said…
Hope your vacation went well. Don't know how far down south you went, but hopefully you avoided most of this heat wave that seems to be hitting all of the south and middle America.
Kate P said…
Bingley--yup, I channeled my frustration into Latin and Italian. :)

Cullen--temps in the 90s. But I was having too much fun to notice most of the time.

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