Why Grocery Shopping for One Takes an Hour

Scene: Health section of the grocery store, first aid aisle. I'm standing there, scanning rows of boxes. A grocery store dude walks by and recognizes that "lost" look.

Grocery Store Dude: Anything I can help you find?
Me: Um, yeah--just regular band-aids?

It took him a minute to figure out which box had plain ones. Seriously, have you seen all the different kinds they make? Sensitive, antibiotic, soft, weird shapes. . .

I just need the rectangles, please. I don't have fancy boo-boos.


Annie Coe said…
It seems there are a thousand choices for every item, choice is nice, but sometimes it complicates things :-).
Lizzie said…
No Dora bandaids for you? Or Bob the Builder? Maybe Spiderman?
Maggie May said…
"I don't have fancy boo-boos."

I love it! Thanks for the laugh!
Kate P said…
Annie--that's true; I should appreciate living in a country where I have so many options, shouldn't I?

Lizzie--Nope! Maybe a neon set would've attracted my interest. :)

MM--always glad to make someone laugh!!!

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