The White Library Knight. . .

. . . apparently will not be keeper of this biblio-castle.

I worked until closing tonight, with the assistant children's librarian and the head of youth services (a.k.a. more or less the person to whom I answer), and as we're shutting down the computers at the circulation desk, she tells us to expect an e-mail from the library board regarding our no-show-due-to-illness new director.

We're going to be instructed to tell anyone who asks that the person we'd announced as our new director (back in late March) is no longer associated with the library.

How much does that suck?

The temporary director who'd been there since late last summer and left in April will be returning, on an as-needed basis, to help out. It was a great help to have him, and he will be a great help when he's there, but it's no substitute for a real, permanent director.

I mean, I don't think this is anything anyone could have foreseen, and it just turned out this way. In some way I think many of us feared this announcement was coming for a while now and just didn't know when. We just don't know what it means, other than to carry on the way we have been--the way I'm learning to tolerate, in some respects.

It just feels a bit disheartening, at least to me. For all I know, other people are happy about it, about going on the same way (no changes--remember, hiring me lowered the average age of the staff to 60), not having to deal with a new leader's style (especially if they weren't crazy about the person in the first place). But I'm kinda bummed. It's hard to develop a relationship with someone temporary--and I didn't, too much, the first time around. For one thing, we were hardly there at the same time, most of the time.

I'll try to develop it more this time. I really need to do that. My hopes have been a bit crushed, but maybe I can salvage something out of this raw deal.

Comments said…
That's crazy...I hope something works out soon! :(
Kate P said…
Thanks, Ashley--it certainly has been crazy.

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