Now Accepting Bets

Who thinks my school will be closed tomorrow?

School was open today--the schools in Philly proper were not--which of course meant every adult in the building was asked by at least one student, "Why are we here?"

I told the student who posed the query to me that I love existential questions.

However, we let the kids out at 11 a.m. It is a wet, heavy snow, but it has been falling steadily. Visibility is lousy and the roads are slick but not icy (yet).

Really, I just want to know if I can stay up to watch the ice skating tonight and have the luxury of sleeping in afterwards.


Lizzie said…
You know? I really don't miss that yicky weather. Bleh.
ccr in MA said…
Well, obviously, if you stay up late, school will be open tomorrow, and if you go to bed early, it will be closed!

Didn't you know you had the power to influence that?

Here we've got rain, but tons of it and so much wind, it was actually pretty scary driving in, watching for flooding and tree limbs in the road. Hope the power stays on!
Dave E. said…
I'm guessing you got a snow day again today. I hope you guessed right. :)
Kate P said…
Lizzie--where you're from originally, you're probably a lot more seasoned to deal with it than we are, so that is interesting to hear!

CCR--I fell asleep on the sofa with the VCR recording, so I didn't actually "see" the winning performances. The alarm woke me at 5 a.m. and I shuffled around for about 15 minutes before the phone call about cancellation came. Went back to bed and woke up a few hours later with the cat snuggled against me.

Dave--we did get a snow day. I kind of guessed right. . . at least I got the chance to go back to bed!

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