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I am 99% sure that I am just one S-cable away from having a fully functioning VCR (i.e. a VCR that has input as well as output). O.K., really a trip to the local home store to exchange an extra audio cable for an S-cable away from goal. Then I can start loading the TV stand back up with videos and finding a new spot for whatever won't fit with the new configuration. And put away the flashlight.

Today was my last "new teacher orientation" seminar--kinda bittersweet, because we newbies won't be getting together like that anymore, although we hope to see each other at the next in-service and the big dinner we have the night of parent-teacher conferences (dinner's hosted at the high school). It was also kind of a drag because by the end of the day yesterday I realized a cold was coming on and spent today sniffling and chilly. It's probably the cold my co-librarian had. . . which was why she had to stay home and I spent a crazy day managing the library by myself. No, I'm not exaggerating: I mean crazy.
  • Several last minute requests from teachers who wanted to bring their classes in to the library to use computers. I squeezed them in.
  • Two social studies classes starting Webquest/research that day (meaning I had to speak to them and help them out).
  • One of the social studies teachers was being observed by a curriculum supervisor! In my crazy library!
  • The secretary went into her tunnel vision mode and decided it was more important to work on eliminating weeded materials from the state interlibrary loan database than to help with the students. (Seriously, even when I spell it out, she does not accept direction from me.)
  • Finishing up prep on group wikis I set up for an AP social studies course (3 classes with 6 groups--18 wikis + 1 main for the teacher) and trying not to think about what would happen if co-librarian was still too sick to come in Tuesday (while I was at seminar) to get the students started on the project.
  • I even got a rash, non-punctuated e-mail from a disgruntled junior that insulted my education and skills!

That probably did not help my immunity. I do not understand how my nose can be stuffed up and runny at the same time, but that's what's going on. I feel gross.

I did start watching "Adaptation" (next in the Oscars Project) and will let you know my thoughts on Thursday. And I'm feeling like spicing things up with a giveaway. More details later.

I have to go figure out how I'm going to sleep without suffocating first.


Cullen said…
Without seeing your setup, I can't comment with much accuracy, but I'm not sure why you'd need an S-video cable rather than a standard RCA. I mean, the S-video will give you better quality video, but if your TV offers an S-video connection for a certain video channel, I can't imagine that there's not an RCA video input also.

If I'm reading your configuration needs correctly from your "Mixed Results" post, you need to connect your cable box, dvd player and VCR.

> You should have the cable box hooked up via HDMI if available (the only way to view HD programming is via the HD connection).

> Your DVD player, ideally should be hooked up via component video (the CMyK three-color connectors) and either a digital audio connection or the two-channel (red/white) RCA connections.

> The VCR connected to the TV via the yellow/red/white RCA cables.

> Your TV should have a variety of outputs from the TV to the VCR, or from the cable box to the VCR if you're recording programming from the cable box. The simplest connection from your cable box to the VCR would just be a regular coax cable. And it should work just fine.

If I'm misreading something and you have a DVD/VCR combo player, it should be even easier. You should just run the output into a single video channel and run the TV output into the DVD/VCR input.

I'm willing to give you any help I can. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail. A/V gear is kind of a hobby.
ccr in MA said…
I think "good luck" is the best I can offer, for all the different topics!

Cullen, when I get a new TV, will you help me with the setup? I'm dreading it already, and my old TV hasn't even died yet! :)
Cullen said…
Shoot me a note if you need to, CCR.
Amy Giglio said…
I hope you forwarded that email to your principal. You don't need to take abuse.
Kate P said…
Cullen--yeah, it's a VCR/DVD combo dealio. I'll have to e-mail you this weekend. When I'm being snowed in.

CCR--I have never worked with so many cables before. A bit daunting but I like this stuff. I just get mad when it doesn't work!

Amy--My co-librarian tried to find this student while I was out yesterday. I filled her in on how crazy it was on Monday. I think we'd rather talk to this student before we send it up a level. But we'll see what happens.

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