That Day Rolls Around Again

You know, the one that has flower shops propping up signs out front that say, "Dozen Roses $24.95 cash & carry," and all the drugstores and department stores seem to be coated in some sort of red rash.

The one that makes a typical not-married, not-dating person feel as if he or she must have plans for that day, if only to avoid questions and/or pity comments. Some get together with other not-married, not dating people; some hide out. For some people, Amy Spencer's rule #1 for how to spend the day is not practical. I for one have no local single friends. My single sister lives in another state. Even my one teacher friend from my newbie orientation stuff fell hard and fast for a guy in December. Besides, this year the holiday falls on a Sunday--no staying out late or downing bunches of cocktails when I have to be up at 5 for school the next day.

Other than that minor disagreement, I really liked Ms. Spencer's other suggestions. I don't hate this holiday. It's just not very relevant to my life right now.

I did, however, send Valentines to my sister, my twice-widowed grandfather, and my great-aunt who is a nun. Mission accomplished on Operation Valentinus, Seraphic.

And of course I do have plans:

  • Get up and go to Mass (also my standing cantoring gig)
  • Have brunch with my parents
  • Decline their offer to come for dinner (because I know they will ask)
  • Bake dessert so it will be ready for after dinner.
  • Make dinner for myself. I was inspired by this. We'll see how everything turns out.
  • Watch the Olympics and/or some DVDs.
  • Just relax.

And be ready for Monday the 15th, when I will be heading back to a school full of students who have had practically an entire week off from school.

Maybe I should throw in some extra prayer time.


Seraphic Spouse said…
Yay! Thanks for helping out with Operation Valentinus!
Amy Giglio said…
Happy Single People awareness day, Kate! You're awesome. Hope that dinner turned out great!!!
ccr in MA said…
In a way, it's good that I had no plans for today, as a headache leftover from yesterday had me feeling unwell all day, and the 3-hour nap might have spoiled any plans more complex than doing laundry.

I'm just happy that the "red-rash" in the stores will be going away. Of course, I already saw Easter candy out there, so it's not like the temptation is receding.
Kate P said…
Seraphic--you're welcome! Yay!

Amy--thank you! (I have my awareness ribbon on. . . just kidding, I wore pearls to church instead.)

CCR--Aw, sorry about your headache. And, uh, when my mom and I were shopping at the grocery store on Friday, we looked at ALL the Easter candy. And she bought some to put aside!
Angela Noelle said…
I actually think those sound like quite lovely plans! I hope you had a Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day :)
Kate P said…
I did, Angela, thank you! Those mushroom crostini were yummy.
Mr. Bingley said…
no...downing bunches of cocktails when I have to be up at 5 for school the next day.

why not? ;)
Kate P said…
I know, Bingley, I really shouldn't let my responsibilities interfere with my drinking. ;)

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