Whatta Day

Got up today and it was still pouring.

(Skip this one, fellas) Also, I had cramps to the point of feeling kinda barfy.

Took forever to get to school in the rain.

I was crossing--in the crosswalk, mind you--the drop-off area in front of the school entrance and nearly got flattened by a mom in an SUV who hit the gas before looking up.

Our secretary called in sick.

First period, I caught two students who were trying to play a game illegally loaded on their computer accounts while in class. And they flat-out lied to me about it. By second period, I'd found out that one of those students was using somebody else's account because his was suspended.

I lost half my lunchtime soup in the microwave when it unexpectedly boiled over.

We did our best to cram three large classes in seventh and eighth periods, but one of the teachers didn't like where we put his class. . . and of course he's bringing the class in again tomorrow, so it took me forever to set up tomorrow's schedule so his class was in a different computer area.

We had to close the library early because our secretary was out.

Drove home in the pouring rain.

Thursday's forecasted snow has been looking worse by the hour.

But things started to look up.

I made cranberry-orange muffins and even though I didn't quite have enough sugar on hand, they turned out pretty tasty.

Choir practice went well.

I won a book! Yay! Thanks, CCR!


Dave E. said…
I guess our cold and the Texas rain are going to meet in Philly. I think you guys have seen more snow than we have this winter.
ccr in MA said…
I hate days like that! A parade of small annoyances just sucks. I'm glad your day ended on a slightly better note!
Nina said…
My day was totally like your day except it included college students instead of seventh graders. I think you win.
Kate P said…
Dave--I heard we've gotten more snow than Buffalo at least!

CCR--It certainly did end on a better note. :)

Nina--actually, these are high school students. I'm trying to get them in shape for when they come your way, LOL.

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