It Doesn't Show Signs of Stopping

That's right, it's still snowing. We got a little bit of a break this morning, but basically it has been snowing since last night. Of course, once the snow ends tonight, the winds pick up. We all have our candles and flashlights ready.

No school today, no school tomorrow, question mark for Friday as the teacher who calls me for the snow chain relayed the perception that the area where my school is got hit hard. Any more snow-related closures and I think they start extending the school year and/or cutting into spring break. But let's not think about that right now.

So what did I do today?

--Slept in. 9 a.m. and it felt awesome.

--Made pancakes.

--Watched some local news coverage of the storm & some episodes of Season 2 of Chuck.

--Enjoyed some pecan pie I made last night. (One small variation: I had only one egg in the fridge and I subbed Kahlua for the other two. So now I'm out of eggs and Kahlua. Don't worry, I'll survive.)

--Got bundled up to do a little snow clearing around the car around 1 p.m.

Had to figure out which one was my car first.

Unlike this past weekend's snow, today's snow is heavy and wet.
Not to mention higher than the width of my Sno-Brum.

Oddly enough, none of my neighbors were outside cleaning off their cars. I did meet a neighbor from another building who was walking a cute doggie decked out in a red sweater. She decided to clean off her car, too, so later when I took out the trash and walked around with my camera, I got to talk to her again and dish about the community.

I live off a busy street.
See in the middle, where the cars are vanishing? That's a hill.
The visibility was so bad around 2:00 that I couldn't see the bottom.

Said busy street needed the snowplow to come around again, too.
Four lanes of mess.

This picture isn't from today, but you can bet at some point today The Cat was doing the same thing. Currently she is in her
default position by the radiator.

Shortly, I will be on that same sofa, watching the next movie so I can post tomorrow. Don't forget to comment tonight if you want to get in on the giveaway.

The forecasters are predicting snow for the beginning of next week already. This is some crazy winter.


ccr in MA said…
Much as I love sleeping in, I would hate that much snow. It seems as though the snow MA usually gets is stopping by you guys lately, which makes me feel like I should be apologizing!
Dave E. said…
A couple more years of global warming and you all out east will be properly winter hardy. :)
Mr. Bingley said…
Yeah, this wet and heavy stuff ain't so much fun.
Cullen said…
I feel for y'all. Hope you're enjoying your homeboundedness.
Maggie May said…
It looks beautiful, but I know it is troublesome when you have to try to live your life in it.

Stay warm and safe!!
Kate P said…
CCR--yeah, it's turned to snow hate right about now. We are SO not New England.

Dave--is that what it is? I thought it was El Nino.

Bingley--you said it. Bring back the powder! (Wait, that sounds funny. Or incriminating.)

Cullen--I do have a nicely connected TV to help with the homeboundedness. :)

MM--that's right, it's pretty. When nobody needs to be anywhere.

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