Success (Or, Money Saved)

Good news: I didn't need to go buy another S-video cable.

Even better news: All my "media equipment" is hooked up and working now! Yay!

Special thanks to Cullen for his expert analysis and recommendations. You rock, dude.

So now I'm all set for being snowed in again tomorrow night.*


*But isn't meteorologist Adam Joseph cute??


ccr in MA said…
Congratulations! That's great.

Sorry about the white stuff, though.
Cullen said…
Glad everything's working correctly!

You need to get you a movie that really takes advantage of the widescreen format - sweeping vistas, etc. Something like Last of the Mohicans or a great animated flick like UP.
Anonymous said…
Yay. We're getting dumped on here too. The universities unlike the public schools like to keep the federal money and only do half days. Never mind that it was worse this AM than it was this afternoon.
I wish this area had cute weather guys. lol
Amy said…
cute, yes, but I question if he plays for your team.
Kate P said…
CCR--thanks, on both counts. We're almost getting used to the white stuff. Almost.

Cullen--now there's a thought. And I haven't seen "Last of the Mohicans." Thanks!

Archerychic--Hi!!! Yeah, our school district is facing losing some "vacation" days. And we were in desperate need of a cute weather guy. Too many weatherbabes.

Amy--I know, but who cares? I'm just watching his lips move.

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