What the Friday Five?

O.K., I'm a little bleary-eyed from this week: started one job where I had to get up early three days in a row, while working at night for the job I'm leaving. Left tonight, actually. Being bleary-eyed makes me a little slow on the uptake for sure, but I had five moments this week that stopped me in my tracks:

1. Philly has no money. Philly tries to get more money by raising parking rates. Philly fails. (On second thought, maybe I shouldn't be surprised by that.)

2. I admit it: my thoughts still turn on occasion to the librarian action figure. That looks like Janet Reno. And I keep cracking up because maybe that's why conversation stops and people look puzzled when I tell them what I do for a living nowadays.

3. One of my orientation presenters opened with this hilarious SNL clip. It was a good icebreaker for a presentation on thinking skills--although we did wind up answering "France?" every time he asked a question after that. Not to mention snickering.

4. Interestingly, the entire orientation ended with this parody (sort of) video created by another school district in the country. (reference--which I didn't know--track 1.) It was even funnier watching it while sitting next to a music teacher. Who decided she loved the teacher in the orange shirt the most. I think we all did!

5. The best one yet happened tonight: Occasionally, I treat myself to some nice dark chocolate. The Chocolove bars are neat because not only are the dark chocolate ones milk-free, they have love poetry printed inside the wrappers. Usually romantic poetry. I say usually because sometimes their efforts to find romantic poems in the public domain are a bit misguided. So imagine my surprise when I unwrap the Rich Dark Chocolate Bar for a few squares and start reading Shakespeare's Sonnet 151. Mid-chew of square #1, I pause.
Um, am I reading about cheating and innuendo?
(I'm probably the only person who consults a Shakespeare textbook while eating dessert.) Let's see. . . footnotes, footnotes. . . "rising" is a pun for- yup. These are the "dark lady" ones. Cheating and innuendo it is.

I'd call my mom to thank her for my college education, but she might be horrified to learn how I used it tonight.

Wishing you a weekend full of pleasant surprises. . .


Amy Giglio said…
You must be so relieved to be done with the town library! Have a great weekend!
Annie Coe said…
Love that last one :-). Good luck in the new job!
Kate P said…
Amy--relieved is a good way to put it. Done, I'm not so sure. Already got an e-mail from the children's librarian. Also, I have some money owed me. . .

Annie--yeah, wasn't that funny? Completely unexpected. Thanks for the well wishes!

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