Alive and Breathing

Almost two full weeks of school down.  There's kind of a special event day going on tomorrow.  I kind of remember it from last year, but this year I am required to sing in front of everybody for the liturgical part--and I have mixed feelings about apparently being on the hook all the time now--but all the teachers get lunch so I guess I can't complain.  I'm in the mood for tuna fish so I hope that's one of the sandwiches.

Speaking of tuna, The Cat has decided to be picky about supper, which IS tuna because it's supposed to disguise the fish-flavored medicine.  Still doing the whole litterbox-watching thing, too, but I've almost made peace with the idea that her plumbing just isn't going to go like clockwork every day.  I also got her a heated bed. . . just in time for the weather to get warm and rainy around here.  Oh well, maybe next week it will be more appealing.

In spite of being crazy-busy with school (did I mention that I have a meeting--grrrr--at 3 on Friday? Who DOES that!?) this week, I did carve out time for trivia, and our team did win.  We could have done a little better, but we were missing some people and Mr. Insistent overruled my (correct) answer on a classical music question.  But a win's a win, and by some strange coincidence, I was introduced to someone from another team who happened to be friends with our family friend who passed away last week.  She had met my dad a while ago when our friend was in the hospital and everyone was coming in for visits.  There was a moment of attempted recruiting but I said maybe sometime when no one else from my team can make it.  I just like playing.

Speaking of which, I was invited by our trivia host to be on his team for a fundraising trivia night on Saturday along with other peeps from my team, so that should be fun.

I have a sneaking suspicion that my former corporate employer has been sold, and I'm checking around for details.  It is a little weird to think that if I worked there still I'd be finding myself sacked in September for the second time in my life.  Guess I can't question my career decisions completely, at least not at the moment.

Well, I am beat, so I'd better get myself in order for tomorrow and get myself and The Cat tucked in for the night.



Red Stethoscope said…
Thank goodness you moved on from your corporate job. I have a friend that has switched jobs twice, and both corporations went under within 3 months of her leaving. It's both a reinforcement that you made the right decision, and a slightly disturbing thing to happen, right? And yes, 3 p.m. meetings on Fridays are stinky! Last year, I had class until 5 p.m. on Friday, so I feel your pain!
Anonymous said…
Reading about your trivia adventures always makes me want to find a place to play--or force Colby to play Trivial Pursuit with me! Good luck with your singing and I hope you have a great weekend :)
ccr in MA said…
Sometimes alive and breathing is an accomplishment! Have a peaceful, restful weekend.
Kate P said…
R.S.--well, I miss the money but I don't miss the madness. At least that kind of madness. And class that goes to 5 on Friday is just cruel!

Angela--You should do it! Every once in a while a random couple or group of people joins in at ours. It's fun.

CCR--I agree and thank you. I will try to!
Annie Coe said…
Kate, I find that usually when I decide something it is for the best, I am sure you like teaching better, right :-)?
Good luck with the kitty, you have been through a lot with her, you are a good mom.
Kate P said…
Annie--well, I like about half of it right now. I keep telling myself I'm paying my dues.
Thanks for the well-wishes with kitty; I am trying to enjoy the good parts and just deal patiently with the bad ones.

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