Not That I Believe in Omens. . .

. . . but the road flooding forced our first day of school to be canceled.

Sadly, the decision was not made until 7 a.m., and many staff had decided to hit the road early in order to make it there on time.  I had the hair dryer on and therefore missed the automated phone call announcement.  It wasn't until about 15-20 minutes later when I was trying to figure out how to get out of my apartment community's main driveway through two lanes of backed-up traffic (going in the opposite direction) that I got a heads-up cell phone call from my co-librarian.  She was already there.

They made the right decision, though, because the buses weren't getting anywhere, many roads were closed, and honestly I am not sure how far I could have gotten in, say, an hour, if at all.  Even yesterday morning when it was raining, a few places on my route had water pooling on them.  It's a waste of gas sitting in stopped traffic forever, and the increased chance of a car accident never thrills me, and especially after two trips to the vet in the last two weeks.  

There were kids from my apartments who were just waiting around forever for their bus.  Many schools decided to delay opening two hours, but we had a half-day schedule for the students, so two hours would have cut the day down to practically nothing.  Even our after-school workshop was postponed, because an outside speaker was supposed to come from who-knows-where.

So after my co-librarian called, I turned around, parked my car, and went back inside.  I checked the phone message when I got inside, and then I put the TV on to see where all the disasters were.  It was a mess out there.  Then, under the influence of the grey weather and the rare daytime dose of my diverticulitis meds (as in "may cause drowsiness"), I fell asleep for about an hour.

I think I needed that.

Being home also afforded me the opportunity to call tech support for my stereo, and I am happy to announce that I can get sound from all components now!  It turned out I had to disconnect each cable and then give them all a good hard shove into each jack.  Silly me, I thought I had to be gentle with electronics.  Now all I need is to put on the antenna to get the tuner going, and then I'll be set.

In other good news, The Cat finally "took care of business" after over 36 hours of waiting since her unpleasant trip to the vet.  Without going into detail, I saw the same, um, content the doctor said she produced.  So I guess the medicine is working.  I'm just finding that I can't put the entire dose into her food--too noticeable.  But it did get results.  She seems perkier and more herself tonight.  In fact, she's giving herself a full bath on the floor in front of the TV right now, so I'm starting to wonder if she's got a hot date later or something.  (BTW, about the metal stitches--Mom did a little researching on her own. . . so proud. . . stainless steel stitches can be used for better results.  Also, they are a permanent indicator of a spayed status, which I guess is useful if a cat shows up at the vet with no medical history.)

Tomorrow probably will be chaotic, but at least it will be Friday.



Sara said…
Ohhhhhh. A way to tell a kitty is spayed without having to open her up. I see.

Glad she's feeling better!

I briefly watched the news before heading to work yesterday (we get the Philly news here) and saw that it was chaos up there and watched the scroll of closed/2 hr late schools. I don't remember school ever being closed for flooding before. Glad to hear that you were safe.
Anonymous said…
It has been so crazy with the flooding up there--glad to hear you're staying safe and dry! The delayed notification about school delays and closings reminds me of when I worked for the Y and I would ALWAYS find out that we were closed or delayed after I was already either at the school or on the road, heh! Oh well. Glad kitty is doing better and that you got some time to relax and take care of business!
Kate P said…
Sara--I know, it sounds weird but I kind of get the stitches thing now, too. And the flooding was insane. I drove over a MUD covered section of a main street to school today! And at least one school bus still didn't make it in. Horrible.

Angela--thanks. I think that is Murphy's law for teachers or something, that we rush to get there on time only to find out it wasn't necessary!

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