Here's What I Learned Today

1. The Cat still has metal stitches left in her from when she got spayed about 13-1/2 years ago.  (X-ray taught me that.  It's a good thing this vet wasn't the one that performed the procedure all those years ago, because I would've been furious.)

2. Cats can get enemas.  (It was a choice between that or trying to sneak a whole bunch of medicine into her that might or might not work to get her to "go". . . she hasn't gone in almost a week.)

3. While you shouldn't drink your urine, if you're healthy it is sterile and that might be useful for something.  (Via Wired magazine, which I read at a coffee shop while I waited for #2.  Um, literally and figuratively, I guess.)

I missed trivia (bummer) because I'm keeping an eye on The Cat post-sedation.  Which basically amounts to making note of when she moves to the next part of the apartment to go into loaf formation and stare into space.  (BTW that is so not what the doctor said she'd being doing; he said she'd be restless and keep me up all night.  Well, the night is still young.)  I hope that once the sedation wears off, she'll feel a bit better.  Not to mention that she'll forgive me for dragging her out in the rain.

I just have a feeling this is going to be a long week, but I'm hoping that The Cat drama ends here before the school drama picks up.



Sara said…
Poor kitty. That would make my blood boil about the metal stitches. Were they able to take them out or is it a moot point by now?
Kate P said…
Trust me, Sara, I am way annoyed about the stitches, but I think it would take surgery to remove them.

It would make me really angry if that contributed to her intestinal cancer, though. I can't even think about it.
Sara said…
Forgive me for being wildly ignorant, but why would they put non-dissolving stitches in a place that required more surgery to remove? It sounds incredibly moronic.

Kate P said…
Well, she was a teeny-weeny kitten when she was spayed. . . it's been 13 years. . . I also think they thought she'd pulled them all out already, because that's what it looked like. (And IIRC, we also had hauled in my other cat, who was in kidney failure and died later that day. I think. It was not a good year and it all blurs together for me.)
ccr in MA said…
Aw jeez, I'm so sorry! I hope this is the low point, feline-wise.

I did actually know point three. I think that came up in a Dick Frances mystery. Why says you can't learn from fiction?
Kate P said…
Thanks, CCR. She seemed all right this morning but now she's mopey and cranky. *sigh*

How interesting you already knew! Some authors actually do research to write their novels, huh?
Annie Coe said…
Oh Kate, so sorry for your cat. I know what it is like to nurse a sick cat, no fun for them or you.
Hugs to you both.xoxo
Kate P said…
Thanks, Annie. Sometimes I don't even realize how rough it's been, like last night when I couldn't figure out why I'd fallen asleep on the sofa. Uh, oh yeah, I'd been up since 6:00 a.m. when I had to clean up accidents.
But overall, she's doing O.K. I was proud of her today when she didn't hide because my mom came over to help hang curtains. I mean, she didn't even freak out at the stepladder!

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