Crawling to the Weekend

Sorry I've been scarce--faculty meetings, in-service, and a whole mess of, well, mess at school.  In fact, I'm going in tomorrow for a few hours.  Gonna try to get in and out before holiday weekend traffic gets crazy.  On top of that, something annoying is going on with my left eye.  It's just irritated.  I've tried replacing contacts (twice--this morning's new one was cracked) and allergy drops.  No idea but am really hoping it's not pinkeye.  It's not super-red or anything so I guess that's all right.  Maybe sleep will help.

But right now, as soon as I publish this post, I'm gonna go change into jeans and meet up with Younger Sister and Youngest First Cousin, both of whom are in town for just a few days.  Youngest First Cousin called to razz me about not having seen him yet because he came all the way from Mexico City (via Ohio where he saw his new niece).

It'll be good to blow off some steam.



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