A Possible Sign That I Need to Get a Life

Last night, I made a stop for cat litter at the drugstore.  It was 7:30 and I didn't feel like going to the PetSuperstore.  The purchase would count toward my quarterly credits, so I felt justified even if it cost a little more.

As the cashier rang up the litter (and soda, and plastic spoons--no, none of these items are related!), I braced myself for the total to be close to all of the $20 I had in my wallet.


I did a double-take, then declared, "Ooh, the litter was on sale.  Yay!"

Uhhh, "Yay" ?

I might be turning into a weird spinster cat lady.

What should I do???



Sara said…
You should do nothing, as you were happy for a bargain. Yay! You would be a weird spinster cat lady if the three purchases were related and you described your plans for them in excruciating detail.

And then took pictures of it.

And then posted it on the internet.

This isn't going to happen, is it?
Kate P said…
Duh, of course not.

Well, not now that you said that, anyway. (Thanks for saving me.)
Dave E. said…
"What should I do???"

Get two? :)

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