Among My Reorganization Tasks

I finally upgraded to a smartphone.  It was completely frustrating because I went in for one really awesome-sounding deal, only to find a hidden "line cost" of $40/month.  No way was I going to pay in excess of $100/month for a phone.

The solution was to settle for an older phone and keep my ridiculously small plan (300 min/month with free nights & weekends, grandfathered in) along with the extra five bucks I've been paying for a moderate amount of texting--with a modest amount of data added on.  I just figured I was tired of missing emails sent to my personal address during the day (no access at school), and I could be a "point person" for the wedding, what if I suddenly became popular (ha), that sort of thing.

Now I have an iPhone 4S.

What on earth do I do with this thing??? 



Kate P said…
Test comment

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